DIY Dollar Tree Craft Idea: Fruity Summer Wreath

Here’s a cheap and easy Dollar Tree craft idea my daughter and I created together: a DIY summer wreath for the front door. Keep reading to learn how we made our fruity summer wreath!

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Dollar Tree (DT) is one of my favorite stores to shop for craft supplies. I love that the prices are inexpensive and don’t put a dent in my budget.

DT’s seasonal decorations are also a big favorite of mine because I can use them to recreate my own DIY crafts.

Last week, Travis and I stopped by Dollar Tree to get a few household goods and I noticed that DT had new summer decorations.

When I saw the pineapple and strawberry fruit decoration, it inspired me to create a DIY summer wreath for our house.


This Dollar Tree craft is really easy to create and should cost you under $5, depending on what supplies you choose for your wreath. You may want to get really creative and add other decorations to your wreath.

I ended up spending close to $10 because I bought extra supplies so Zhen could make a wreath with me, too.

Here’s what we bought for our DIY summer wreath:

  • pineapple and strawberry fruit sign (I bought 2 signs so Zhen could make a wreath, too.)
  • flower lei (I purchased 3 different colored leis, but you could easily make your DIY summer wreath with one lei.)
  • floral garden wood wreath (I bought a medium-size and small size for Zhen and I.)


DIY Summer Wreath Supplies


1. Turn on your glue gun. If you’re creating with your child, then make sure you supervise him/her using the glue gun because it gets really hot.

2. Cut the fruit pieces you would like to put on your wreath.

3. Before using your glue gun, place the fruit pieces on your wreath to find which spot you would like for them to go.

Dollar Tree Craft Idea: DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door
Dollar Tree Craft Idea: DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door

4. After you decide where you would like the fruit to go, put glue on the back of the fruit piece.

5. After adding the fruit pieces to the summer wreath, you will then add the flowers from the lei to your wreath.

6. Cut one section of the string of the flower lei. For this part, I used 3 different colored leis for my wreath.

Dollar Tree Craft Idea: DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door

7. In this next step, you’re going to glue the flowers together. I used four flowers for each color to make the flowers look fuller.

Put a small amount of glue in the middle of each flower. (Make sure you have a towel underneath the flowers you’re gluing because the glue will be very hot.)

Dollar Tree Craft Idea: DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door
DIY Summer Wreath

8. You will repeat the process of gluing the flowers onto your wreath until it’s complete.

9. Tie a ribbon or string to your wreath for hanging it on a door hook.

DIY Summer Wreath Idea
Dollar Tree Craft Idea: DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door



Zhen made a summer wreath, too! She loves making crafts with me so I bought extra supplies so she could make her own summer wreath.

The process is exactly the same as when I made my wreath. The only difference with Zhen’s wreath is her wreath is a little smaller than mine.

Remember, make sure you supervise your child using a glue gun because it gets very hot.

Zhen’s little, fruity summer wreath.
Zhen enjoyed this activity because she said pineapple and strawberries are her favorite.

Making crafts with your children is a great way to spend time together. It gives you an opportunity to slow down and focus on each other.

You also create special memories for your children. This is my favorite thing about doing arts and crafts with my kids.

I love it when we all sit together at our little, round kitchen table and create fun crafts. It’s become our thing. Sometimes Zhen will ask me, “What are we going to create today?!”

Dollar Tree Craft Idea: DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door
Mommy and Daughter Craft Project
DIY Craft for Kids
Zhen loves her summer wreath!

Creating arts and crafts also helps children with emotional and social development. I read an article recently that discussed this very thing and the writer shared a few examples of the benefits of children creating art:

  • art time with kids encourages self-expression,
  • it helps with socialization,
  • and creating art improves your child’s hand-eye coordination.

Zhen and I enjoyed making our fruity, summer wreath together and we hope you enjoy this DIY activity, too!

Happy Summer! xoxo

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