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Dr. Sabrina Jackson to Launch New Fashion Collection at the 2020 Paris Fashion Week

You may recognize Detroit entrepreneur Dr. Sabrina Jackson for her work on Detroit’s “911 People with Dr. Sabrina” on FOX 2 and “The Essentially Sabrina Show” on 910 AM Superstation, but did you know she is also diving into the fashion world?

Fondly known in Detroit as “The People Expert”, Dr. Sabrina is excited to announce the launch of her first fashion collection called the Doctor Sabrina Collection (DSC) designed by talented fashion designer Cedi Johnson! 

A few weeks ago, Dr. Sabrina invited me to attend a preview party of her new fashion line. Previewing Dr. Sabrina’s new fashion collection was a lovely experience and I enjoyed learning more about her elegant DSC style!

After the fashion preview, I chatted with Dr. Sabrina and Cedi Johnson to learn more about DSC. “I am so blown away,” she excitedly told me during the fashion preview. “I love the logo. I’m just loving all of it! We keep coming up with things to do and new ideas to make it universal for people.” 


Dr. Sabrina was inspired to start a fashion line after collaborating with Cedi on other fashion designs. The New York City/Washington, D.C.-based designer was already creating fashion pieces for Dr. Sabrina to wear on FOX 2. Around September 2018, Cedi mentioned to Dr. Sabrina to consider launching her own fashion line. 

Cedi describes DSC as a mature, off-beat elegant style. He told me the new Doctor Sabrina Collection is comfortable, functional, and versatile for “a real-size woman.” 

The retired engineer started designing fashion as early as the 80s. “I started very young,” Cedi told me. “I started practicing on my mom and sister and was really into the technical side of things,” Cedi said he discovered designing fashion is all technical and architectural. “I’ve always done it because it’s a part of my DNA.”

Sharing his thoughts on the limited styles we find in plus-size fashion, Cedi told me:

“I think it’s a misconception at this point in terms of what a woman of real size can wear, even down to the pattern. It’s wonderful to see designers embracing the fact that a woman of a real size– like a size 12 [because] that’s really the average woman in America. 

It’s all about silhouette and drape and length. Women of all sizes are successful. they’re Savvy. They travel. They do things They’re involved in politics. They’re involved in television. They’re involved in engineering.  They are part of the landscape of what it is to be a woman‒ a real size woman. And it’s nice to see designers be conscious of that.”

Fashion Designer Cedi Johnson

For Dr. Sabrina, she says she has always had an issue with the limited styles created for plus-size fashion. She said it amazes her other designers and retailers haven’t caught onto the true size of a woman and feature more size-inclusive styles for women. 

“It amazes me that people haven’t caught on, but if you really want to make money, you need to make fashion very accessible to the bigger woman,” she said. “Everything is super-sized in our society. A lot of women are voluptuous. Yes, you can be sexy. You want to be comfortable and you want to look good. For me, as a public figure who’s on stage [and] on TV, I want to be a representation of what it can be.”

On encouraging women to create their own fashion style, Dr. Sabrina says:

“You want to have at least in your collection of clothes, signature pieces so that when you wear it, it makes YOU excited. When I wear things that make me excited, it makes my day better…

When I come in and I feel a certain way, I’m going to exude that because I am one who believes that with the energy that you portray, you draw. If you want great things to happen to you, you need to create that.” 

Dr. Sabrina Jackson


Exciting news! In February 2019, Dr. Sabrina and friends will attend the 2020 Paris Fashion Week to officially launch DSC!

You can join Dr. Sabrina and Cedi Johnson for the launch of the Doctor Sabrina Collection in Paris, France during Paris Fashion Week! Click here for more details and to reserve your spot now.  

Also, follow Dr. Sabrina on Instagram for updates on her work in Detroit and her fashion collection! Also, visit Dr. Sabrina’s official website at  https://www.sabrinajackson.com.

Special thanks to Dr. Sabrina Jackson for inviting Good Life Detroit to the Doctor Sabrina Collection fashion preview and to Cedi Johnson for taking the time to interview with GLD!


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  1. Full figure women also desire fully fashionable attire!
    Dr. Sabrina’s line of clothing, offers a refreshing and classy look for the woman who desires to wear stilettos while others are wearing flats!
    I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity to add pieces from her clothing line to my waredrobe. Congratulations Dr. Sabrina

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