Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for When You’re Stuck at Home

Easter egg hunt. That’s what has been on my mind for the last few weeks because my 7-year-old has been reminding me almost every day not to forget about the Easter egg hunt!

So it was no surprise that last Sunday I practically jumped out of bed to try and get my kids’ Easter baskets ready before they got up for the day. What I didn’t realize, though, it wasn’t Easter. It was Palm Sunday.

Not realizing my error, I hurried out of bed to get dressed and start the day. I hurriedly threw on a dress, stuffed my wild curls into some kind of ponytail, and headed downstairs. I had wanted to run to Dollar Tree to get a few more items for the kids’ Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt ideas

I had bought most of their Easter goodies a week prior while on a grocery shopping trip, but after looking over the items I bought, I discovered I had forgotten a few things. It was also important I went to the store ASAP because Travis had to work an afternoon shift.

When I rushed into the kitchen, Travis greeted me and I told him my plan for the morning. I was a little flustered because I had waited until the last minute. Travis asked me why was I trying to get the kids’ Easter gifts today and I exclaimed, “Because today’s Easter!”

“No it isn’t,” he said to me.

“Yes, it is! Today’s Easter!” I said excitedly. I was starting to get a little upset because Travis had clearly forgotten it was Easter and hadn’t thought to help get the kids’ baskets together. Why is he so calm right now? I thought to myself.

“No. Easter is next Sunday on the 12th,” he calmly told me.

Still insisting today was Easter, I replied, “No, it’s not. TODAY is Easter– April 5th!”

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

To prove each other wrong, we both grabbed our phones to Google the date of Easter. Travis held up his phone to me showing the date of Easter. I looked at my phone in disbelief. Easter is on Sunday, April 12, not April 5. WHAT!

Realizing I had made a big mistake, I just stared at Travis for a moment and then groaned, “UGGGGHHHH!! I told Zhen today would be Easter and I’d have their baskets ready and we’d have an Easter egg hunt today. Now what am I going to do?!”

At that moment, I felt like a bad mom, I’m not going to lie. I know it was really trivial that I mixed up my dates, but I didn’t want to disappoint the kids. The night before at bedtime, the kids had set their Easter baskets out on the couch. It’s one of our Easter Sunday traditions.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

Every Easter holiday the kids set out their Easter baskets in the living room the night before Easter. Then before the kids wake up, Travis and I fill up their baskets with gifts and treats we bought for them. (We don’t do the Easter bunny so the kids know their gifts come from us.)

When I realized I had confused April 5th for Easter, I immediately envisioned my children breaking down in tears and that thought alone just made me want to cry.

Blame it on my pregnancy hormones, I guess. But the truth is I had mixed up the dates because, with the pandemic and recent lockdown, it really got me off track. Kind of like a snow day or long, holiday weekend– if you have a short work week, then you get a little off track or may forget the day.

Has this been happening to you, too? You keep getting your days mixed up or you just forget what day it is because #QuarantineLife?

Easter Egg Hunt Activities for Kids

Quickly brainstorming how to fix my mistake, we decided to explain to Zhen my mix up of the dates and tell her we’d still have an Easter egg hunt, just a little early. Since the boys are a little younger, we knew they wouldn’t be all that disappointed as Zhen.

Thankfully, Zhen was cool with having our family Easter egg hunt a week early. She wasn’t even upset that I got the dates wrong. Whew! I promised her we’d have another Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday so I think that also helped sweeten the deal.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

Well, despite getting my days mixed up, I am now prepared for Easter weekend! And the kids loved their Easter egg hunt and were completely happy. (I think I was just being too hard on myself.)

Later in the week, we did fun Easter face paintings. We even made a DIY calendar out of scrap art pieces so we could all keep better track of the days. Haha!

DIY Calendar for Kids
We made a DIY calendar to keep track of the days.

Moral of my story: If you lose track of the days or forget about a special occasion, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay. We’re all going through it and you can put a positive spin on things by getting creative with a new idea!


1. A Simple Easter Egg Hunt in Your Yard. This idea is especially a good idea if you are stuck at home. You and your partner or a friend can hide the eggs in your front and/or backyard.

If you live in an apartment or townhouse community, then I recommend finding an empty, grassy space to have your Easter egg hunt. Since we live in a townhouse, we had our egg hunt in a courtyard behind our home.

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

2. Golden Egg or Golden Ticket Easter Egg Hunt. I bought a pack of easter eggs from the Dollar Tree that had a golden Easter egg in it. I filled it with extra candy.

If you decide to use a golden ticket instead, then the child who finds the golden ticket can win a grand prize like a king-size chocolate bunny or a fun toy!

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt. If you’re looking for a non-candy option for your Easter egg hunt, Five Little Chefs has a great idea for a nature scavenger hunt. There’s even a free printable to help you with your scavenger hunt ideas.

4. Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt. Love this idea! My friend Belinda, a blogger for Living Mi Vida Loca, shared with me a fun idea for a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.

All of the items used for the hunt were found at a local discount store, similar to the Dollar Tree, so it’s a budget-friendly option, too! Thanks for the idea, Belinda!

Easter egg hunt ideas
Big sister helping little brother with his Easter eggs.

5. Easter Face Paintings. To add more fun to your egg hunt, you can create face paintings for your kids. They will love this idea– trust me!

Also, create bunny ears from art materials you have at home instead of buying a bunny headband. I used poster board and construction paper for Zephaniah’s bunny ears.

Zhen wanted to be a chick so I helped her make an Easter chick hat from feathers and poster board.

Easter Chick Face Painting
Easter bunny face painting

6. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt. If you’re not able to get outside because of inclement weather, then you can always have your egg hunt indoors. Hide the Easter eggs in your living room or your child’s playroom.

If you have space available and a kid-friendly setup, then you could also hold your Easter egg hunt in the garage or basement.

7. Non-Candy Treat Options. Mix up your child’s Easter egg goodies with fun, small toys or art supplies. You can also add fruit, dry cereal, and cookies to the eggs.

You can find party favors at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or Target for fun egg-fillers.

**SPECIAL NOTE: Keep in mind for younger children, small toys may not be a good idea because it can be a choking hazard.

Easter Ideas for Kids
Hoppy Easter! 🙂

If you’re looking for more Easter egg hunt ideas, Country Living and Woman’s Day feature a list of 20+ egg hunt activities for kids.


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