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The Coolest Little Art Park

The coolest little art park in Eastern Market recently opened. Have you been? I accidentally discovered it a few weeks ago when I was leaving the Michigan Renaissance Festival Kickoff Party.

Later that evening, Travis and I took the kids to Bert’s Warehouse for our family anniversary dinner. We stopped by Eastern Market Art Park to explore it a little.

Eastern Market Art Park
The Eastern Market Art Park opened July 18, 2019.


Two things that immediately stood out to me were the vibrant art and the fact that the park is gated. *Praise Hands* because as a mom of five kids, with an emphasis on my 3 kids under the age of six, any city park with a gate is a big plus for me!

Having a gated-park helps Travis and me ensure our little ones are safe and not able to take off near the busy car traffic. Our little boys are runners! Haha! They’re always trying to take off when we’re out in public.

Eastern Market Art Park
The days the Eastern Market Art Park is open are from Thursdays to Sundays.

And as soon as we let the boys out of the wagon, they took off running to explore the art park.

I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to worry about them running in the street. I was able to relax and enjoy walking through Eastern Market Art Park.

Detroit photography
My favorite spot at the Art Park is the little alley in-between the shed and back wall.

Nevertheless, Elijah decided to stay near the entrance of the park just in case Zechariah and Zephaniah decided to run out.

As the oldest of our five children, Elijah always jumps into “Big Brother Mode” whenever his siblings are around, especially with the younger three.

Eastern Market Art Park
The kids enjoyed playing at the Art Park.
Eastern Market Art Park
Do you see the rainbow in the picture? Perfect timing!


The art park officially opened its gates to the public on July 18, 2019. It’s located at the corner of Russell and Alfred right by Bert’s Warehouse. Eastern Market Art Park is open Thursday through Sunday.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Eastern Market Art Park was once an empty shed and public dumping ground. The park was created to serve as a lounge for Eastern Market residents and visitors.

Detroit bloggers
I love the murals at the Eastern Market Art Park!
Detroit blogger
Michala was having a photography field day at the Art Park! LOL!


Here are the days and times if you’d like to stop by and visit.

Thursday 12 P.M. – 9 P.M.

Friday 12 P.M. – 10 P.M.

Saturday 8 A.M. – 10 P.M.

Sunday 8 A.M. – 9 P.M.

Here’s a website I found for the art park. It doesn’t have a lot of information on the site so I’m hoping this is the right link address. If it isn’t the correct website link, then let know and I’ll edit the link. 🙂

Eastern Market Art Park
The murals at Eastern Market Art Park is beautiful! (Murals by Antonio Agee aka Shades)
Eastern Market Art Park


We think it’s a cool place to hang out when going to the farmers market or an event in the Eastern Market District.

If you plan on bringing the kids, I recommend packing a fun bag of activities and toys. When we went to the art park, the kids brought their bubbles and a fun puzzle we bought at Dollar Tree.

Eastern Market Art Park
The kids wanted to bring a puzzle to the park.

The Eastern Market Art Park will be a regular pit-stop for us when shopping at the farmers market or attending an event. I can see myself grabbing a coffee from Germack and reading a book at the art park.

I can definitely see events being held at the Eastern Market Art Park. I think it would be a cool venue for a summer cocktail party or a small music event.

Eastern Market Art Park
View of the colorful cheers aligned the fence of the Art Park.
Detroit mural art Shades
Art by Shades
Detroit art park
We loved this handprint mural!
Eastern Market Art Park
Such a fun idea to show community support for the Eastern Market District!


And if you’re always on the hunt for Instagram-worthy city photos, then Eastern Market Art Park is going to be a magical place for you! Michala and I found so many cool spots for taking city photos.

Michala really loved the murals for her photo backgrounds. She also thought the garden sculptures were cute. Her favorite plant sculpture was the teddy bear (we hope we got that right!).

My favorite photo spot at the art park is behind the shed. In-between the shed and back wall of the park, there are string lights hanging above the little alleyway. It looks so romantic! I think it would be good for couples’ photos and fashion photos.

Detroit fashion
Michala took so many photos at the Art Park. She said she wanted to share them on her Instagram with family and friends.
Detroit street art
This bear sculpture was Michala’s favorite thing at the Art Park.
Detroit bloggers
Michala captured this lovely image for me. Moms, get in front of the camera more! Your kids will thank you for it and it’s fun to look back on for memories.

What do you think of the new Eastern Market Art Park?


Detroit fashion
My beautiful daughter Michala.
Michigan bloggers
Zhen, Zephaniah, and Zechariah
Eastern Market Art Park
I asked Zephaniah if I could take his picture and this is the pose he gave me.
Detroit art park
Zhen loved this plant sculpture at the Art Park.
Detroit art park
A beautiful rainbow shines over the Eastern Market Art Park.


All photographs by Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit

What are your thoughts?