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Eastern Market’s Flower Day Has Inspired Me to Give Gardening a Try

In the past, gardening wasn’t something I normally did because I wasn’t really good at it. I even tried caring for succulents and somehow couldn’t keep the poor things alive. A couple of years ago, I bought a few succulents from Pot and Box and Telly’s Greenhouse. I had read that if you don’t have a green thumb, then succulents are the way to go because it is near to impossible to mess it up.

Well, I must be the exception to that rule because I failed miserably at caring for my succulents. I have no idea what I did wrong. I repotted them and I made sure I gave them plenty of water. I’m telling you, I tried my hardest to keep our succulents alive, but they didn’t last for very long. I felt really sad about it, too. I ended up deciding to put my little gardening dreams on hold for a bit.


Flower Day 2018 at Eastern Market

Flower Day has inspired me to get into gardening this year. Except for this time, I am going to have indoor and outdoor plants. We’re going to give urban gardening a try and we’re really excited about it. It just so happens that Travis loves gardening and he has a passion for growing produce.

So far, Travis is growing green onions and red potatoes. Next, on his list, he wants to start growing butternut squash, peppers, and tomatoes. As for me, I want to grow flowers in the front and back of our home. I bought Morning Glory, Marigold, and Sunflower seeds for our back patio. I’m having the kids grow their own flowers for a homeschool project.

Once we start our gardening project, I will share picture updates of our progress and what our garden looks like. In the meantime, here are a few photographs of our visit to Eastern Market’s annual Flower Day.

There were so many beautiful flowers and plants to choose from at Eastern Market’s Flower Day.
Zhen loved picking out flowers with us. She was so excited when she saw all of the flowers at Eastern Market.
Zhen and Zechariah loved pulling the wagon around the market. 

We bought a Radio Flyer wagon from Walmart for the kids to ride in and to hold the flowers we picked out. Zhen and Zechariah loved pulling the wagon around the market. They even wore the new gardening gloves I bought for them. It was so cute! Zhen kept trying to put every flower pot she could carry in the wagon. I had to tell her to wait for us to decide if we’re going to get it before she put flowers in the wagon. She said, “I’m just so excited it’s Flower Day!” 🙂

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon, $68 | Melissa & Doug Gardening Gloves, $4.99

Travis and I took the little ones with us to Eastern Market. They had so much fun.
Eastern Market's Flower Day 2018
I loved these pink Geraniums. Zhen helped me pick them out.
Eastern Market's Flower Day 2018
A few flowers we picked out at Eastern Market. We also bought a pink rose bush.


Are you doing any gardening this spring?


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All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra.

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  1. You have to try a packet of zinnias, they are beautiful and so easy to grow! You will find several colors and heights to choose from, but I love the giants. The packet will say California giants, benarys giants, giant dahlia-whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong! Just keep the soil moist and in full sun and watch them take off! Your kids will love them! Bonus: the more you cut a zinnia, the more it produces. Best flower for a vase! You can do it, good luck!!

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