Eastern Market Holiday Market is the Perfect Place to Find Unique, Michigan-Made Gifts

One of my favorite holiday traditions in Detroit is shopping at the Eastern Market Holiday Market. I remember our first time visiting the Holiday Market in 2015. It was our first year living in Michigan and Travis and I signed up for the Feet on the Street Holiday Market Tour in Eastern Market. (That was before Zephaniah and Zaya came along!) We loved our time at the Holiday Market so much that it has now become a cherished Christmas tradition for us.

Holiday ornaments from Devries & Co 1887, located in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Each year, Eastern Market hosts a Holiday Market at the end of November and until the week of Christmas. Tuesday dates are reserved for food vendors while Sundays are reserved for Michigan business owners who sell a variety of products. You can find art and photography prints, candles, essential oils, baked goods, beauty products, jewelry, accessories, vintage clothing, modern fashion styles, and more!

Other businesses and restaurants located in the Eastern Market District sometimes offer extended Sunday hours during the Holiday Market, too. Germack Roasting Co., one of my favorite Detroit coffee places, is one of the businesses that open on Sundays during the market season


Over the weekend, I stopped by the Eastern Market Holiday Market to do some holiday shopping. I was on the hunt for unique Detroit and Michigan-made gifts for my family. I wasn’t disappointed with my search and I found quite a few gifts that I know my loved ones will like!

My first stop was at Germack Roasting Co. where I got myself a hot cup of my favorite lavender latte because coffee first, right?! Germack’s lavender latte is my go-to drink whenever I’m at Eastern Market. I also like to buy my lavender and Sunday Drive ground coffee at Germack. (I always get decaf since I’m breastfeeding Zaya.)

I bought the Eastern Market blend for a Christmas gift for one of my family members. And since I was already in the coffee store, I decided to go ahead and get myself some more coffee and lavender. For COVID-19 health safety precautions, Germack Roasting Co. now sells their herbs and spices prepacked.

The 3 oz. package of lavender I purchased was $12.99. This is a great size for me and will probably last me close to 3 months! I like to make my coffee with a French press and I add a little bit of lavender to the grounds before pouring hot water over the coffee. It’s my favorite way to make coffee!

Germack Roasting Co. Detroit, Michigan

After visiting Germack Roasting Co., I went next door to Germack Pistachio Co. to get Dark Chocolate Peanuts and Caramel Turtle Pecan Cherry Blend for part of my dad’s Christmas gift. I also picked up a couple of treats in smaller box sizes to use as stocking stuffers. 

I found a variety of holiday collections filled with nuts and sweets ranging in small, medium, and large containers. I bought the 9 oz. Gingerbread House mix ($3) for Elijah’s stocking stuffer and a 16 oz. box of sweet jelly beans ($1.99) for Michala’s stocking stuffer. Germack Pistachio Co. even sells a holiday gift set of Germack coffee with two 9 oz. containers of holiday nut mixes.

Germack Roasting Co. Detroit, Michigan


Here are a few tips to help you navigate shopping at the Eastern Market Holiday Market:

  • The holiday market is a free, family-friendly event!
  • Make sure you bundle up and dress warmly because the weather is cold.
  • Face masks are required! Bring your sanitizer just in case you need it.
  • There are public restrooms available in the market place.
  • Bring a collapsible cart or wagon to carry your goods. That way you won’t have to have to carry heavy bags as your shopping.
  • Bring cash just in case a vendor does not accept debit/credit card.
  • An ATM is also available at the market if you forget your cash at home.
  • There is plenty of parking available throughout Eastern Market. I was able to find a parking space near Shed 2 right at Russel and Winder. Here’s a map of the Eastern Market parking lots if you’d like to review it to help you prepare for your visit.
  • All of the restaurants that are open during the Holiday Market offer take out services only. You can place your food order online at some businesses, like Supino’s Pizzeria, to order ahead if you like.
  • Some of the restaurants also offer gift cards so this would make a great gift or stocking stuffer!


You will find many wonderful vendors throughout the Holiday Market! Sheds 2 & 5 feature the vendor booths so you will be warm from the cold. Here are a few vendors I had the pleasure of connecting with at the Sunday Market.


Owned by Peggy Watkins and co-owned by Duchess McLean, P.W.’s Collections specializes in designer and quality brand names at affordable prices. You can find a variety of sizes from size 2 through 32. The boutique features dresses, coats, suits, furs, hats, and more!

Ms. Watkins’ pop up boutique will be at the Sunday, December 20th Eastern Market. Connect with her at (248) 227 – 0611 or by email at to schedule an appointment for your fashion style needs!

SPECIAL: Mention Good Life Detroit to get 20% off your purchase at P.W.’s Collections at the Holiday Market!

Eastern Market Holiday Market Perfect for Holiday Shopping in the Detroit


Love Travel Imports Detroit, Michigan

Love Travels Imports is owned by Yvette Jenkins. The Detroit small business specializes in selling artisan goods from countries such as South Africa, Guatemala, Peru, and Haiti. According to the official website, Love Travels Imports’ mission is “to bring to others a love of handcrafted art, love of the sustainable Earth, and a love of helping our neighbors. These works of art connect distant peoples and cultures, in ways only a Love Travels Import can.”

If you’re not able to make it to the next Holiday Market, then you can also connect with Love Travels Imports online or visit the store in Detroit, located at 19452 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48221. Phone: (313) 623-5800, Instagram @lovetravelsimports, and email


Viva La Vida Imports Detroit, Michigan

Viva La Vida Imports is one of my favorite Detroit small businesses. In previous years, I have purchased a few items from Viva La Vida Imports at Eastern Market’s Sunday Market during the summertime. In fact, one of my favorite pieces from Viva La Vida is a Frida journal. I haven’t even written in it yet because I just love having it on display on my bookshelf in the little corner office of my home. 🙂

Viva La Vida Imports specializes in beautiful Mexican handcrafts. Owned by Dana and Paola, the two women business owners work “directly with Mexican artisans promoting Fair Trade” and they personally curate the products they feature in their shop. The first photo below shows Viva La Vida Imports’ best-selling item right now: Otomí embroidery pillows.

Connect with Viva La Vida Imports online, Instagram, email, or by phone (248) 974-0727.

Viva La Vida Imports Detroit, Michigan


New Millenium Book Distributor is another Michigan small business I like. Last summer, I purchased a few books from the book company at affordable prices. When we would go to Eastern Market, the kids always enjoyed looking through the children’s books.

Founded in 2014 in Lansing, Michigan, New Millenium is owned by J. McMillan. Before the pandemic hit, I would often find New Millenium Books at the Eastern Market’s Sunday Market. I was happy to see the book vendor at the Holiday Market last Sunday!

You can find a variety of books from New Millenium, such as children’s literature, nonfiction books, and African American literature. Connect with New Millenium Books online, Instagram, or by phone (517) 402-9593.


Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet Cha Cha

Another Detroit favorite of mine is Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet Cha Cha. I first discovered this brand in 2017 at a farmers market in Sterling Heights. I love their mild relish! It pairs well with grilled chicken, beef hot dogs, or tortilla chips. Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet Cha Cha also sells seasoning and I’m excited to try this because Travis and I love collecting different seasonings for our home cooking!

Connect with Mrs. Pruitt’s Gourmet Cha Cha online, Instagram, email, or by phone (313) 610-6724.

Eastern Market Holiday Market Perfect for Holiday Shopping in the Detroit
Mrs. Pruitt's Gourmet Cha Cha
Eastern Market Holiday Market Perfect for Holiday Shopping in the Detroit


Ruby's Natural Hair Care Company

Launched in 2017, Ruby’s Natural Hair Care is a Black-owned, women-owned, family business. LaShonda Sims is a 25-year cosmetology veteran and she created the Ruby Natural Hair Care products. These lovely homemade, hair products are chemical-free, too! The ingredients are sulfate-free and made with essential oils.

Ruby’s also features gift sets if you would like to give your loved one a variety of natural hair care products. Other products you can find at Ruby’s are body butters (such as Lavender Eucalyptus), shampoo and conditioners (such as Green Tea Sensation and Amazing Mango), face and body scrubs, Raw African soap, and Shea Butter hair mud. Connect with Ruby’s online, Instagram, Facebook, and by phone (800) 967-0067.

Eastern Market Holiday Market Perfect for Holiday Shopping in the Detroit


Detroit Gourmet Nut Company

Established in 2015, Detroit Gourmet Nut Company is owned by Danny Irving. The Metro Detroit-based business specializes in gourmet nuts such as maple pecans and maple walnuts. I also spotted a House Blend coffee at the Holiday Market.

SPECIAL: Right now, Detroit Gourmet Nut Company is offering 10% off orders of $50 or more! Click here to make your purchase online and to get the sale code.

Connect with Detroit Gourmet Nut Company online, Instagram, email, and by phone (248) 303-0244.

Detroit Gourmet Nut Company

Remember, the Eastern Market Holiday Market has TWO market days left: Sunday, December 20 and Tuesday, December 22! The Holiday Market is the perfect place for finding unique holiday gifts from Detroit and Michigan small business owners. Show your love for Detroit and support local businesses this holiday season!

Special thanks to the small business owners who contributed to today’s feature. Click here to learn more about the Eastern Market Holiday Market. All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

Do you have plans to attend the Eastern Market Holiday Market?



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