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MindTravel’s SilentHike

August 6 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

On August 6th, people from all over the Detroit area will be taking a SilentHike— a musical journey into mindfulness at the Detroit Riverwalk.
SilentHikes are a new concept from MindTravel;— an immersive music and meditation experience company created by composer and concert pianist Murray Hidary (you can check him out here on his TEDx talk here).
During the SilentHike session, MindTravelers will wear wireless headphones and embark on a hike with music, guidance, and thoughtful commentary from Hidary. All the components – music, words, silence, visual cues – work synergistically to help participants connect with themselves and the world around them.

Over the course of the MindTravel experience, you’ll join other MindTravelers exploring one of the world’s most beautiful gardens, parks and trails while guided by MindTravel music delivered through MindTravel headphones. The evocative, improvisational piano music ignites freedom and expansiveness that amplifies the healing and inspirational power of being surrounded by beauty.

After a short introduction and intention-setting on the steps of Michgan’s largest skyscraper, the group will venture forth on a guided meditative walk down the Detroit Riverwalk to take in sunset at the beautifully wild Milliken State Park & Harbor under the beacon of the Milliken Lighthouse, all creating a contemplative and powerful creative journey–all while enveloped in the transcendent sounds of the beautiful, original MindTravel compositions.

“…as I met with the MindTravel group and put on headphones to embark on a two-hour tour of the Getty galleries, grounds and gardens while listening to original music and a guided visit — not so much of the paintings but of my inner life — being rocked pretty much sums up what happened.” -Martha McCully, The Los Angeles Times

Read more about MindTravel SilentWalk at The Getty in The Los Angeles Times here!

MindTravel will provide wireless headphones.


More About MindTravel

Music is a catalyst for transformation, clarity, connection and purpose. And music is at the core of MindTravel, an immersive music experience created by Murray Hidary. Hidary, a composer, pianist, visual artist, tech pioneer, entrepreneur and physics lover, created MindTravel in 2014 after finding that music helped him heal after the tragic death of his sister. Now, he is on a mission to share music’s healing power with others and make it the centerpiece of a multi-sensory meditative journey.

MindTravel is an experience like no other. Imagine a concert pianist improvising beautiful, peaceful music with imagery in the background that matches the beauty of the music — combined, it is almost meditative or trancelike.” – Jason Wachob, Founder of mindbodygreen

Please reach out to info@mindtravel.com with any further questions about the event.


SOURCE: MindTravel 


Detroit Riverwalk
300 Atwater St.
Detroit, Michigan 48226


Mindtravel Silent Walk

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