“When God Gives You That Yes”

Last weekend, it was hard for me to find the motivation to get out of the house and do something fun. I wasn’t feeling at my best because I was still stressing about Travis’ recent job loss. Part of me wanted to go do something fun, while part of me wanted to stay home and sulk about it. I finally talked myself into getting out of the house and finding something fun to do with my family.

I ended up attending the We Found Hip Hop event: “Culture as Capital: How We Use Hip Hop to Reclaim Representations of Women in Media. A Critical Discussion of Community Cultural Wealth.” The event was also a celebration of women in hip-hop for March’s Women History Month.

Led by Piper Carter and Mahogany Jones, co-founders of We Found Hip Hop: The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop, the event was held on Saturday, March 10, 2018, at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. The event included a mini-documentary film screening, live performances, and a live all-women band.

We Found Hip Hop

About We Found Hip Hop

Piper Carter and Mahogany Jones are both the co-founders of We Found Hip Hop: The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop.

From the We Found Hip Hop “About” section:

“The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop is a cultural revolution which crosses borders, links diverse communities, inspires ideas, influences behaviors, & encourages dialogues through art. We explore the historical, present & future context, dynamics, impacts, & potential of hip­hop music & culture on Women, by bringing together leading figures to produce media, music, film & educational opportunities aimed at creating cross cultural exchange focusing on redefining the vital role of Women in Hip Hop.”

Read more here.

When times are hard, sometimes you have to give yourself a big push to smile.

First, let me say, I am SO happy I made myself get up and get out of the house. It’s okay to not be okay, but I think what’s not okay is being down for too long. I think this is when bigger problems will start to take over. I’ve been through depression a few times before, especially with postpartum depression. It is not something I want to relive. It’s also not something I want my children to have to see me go through again.

Attending this event not only lifted my spirits, but it also showed me that despite the hard times, I can live a joyful life. There are great blessings in my life that I need to appreciate and also share with others. For starters, I am greatly blessed with a loving husband and five beautiful children. I have a supportive family who love my children and I and are here for us if we need them.

As the expression goes, “God’s not through with me, yet!” This is just a tough season in my life that will soon pass. (It’s amazing how something as simple as going to an event can have such a positive impact on your life.)

Such a Wonderful Celebration of Female Hip Hop Artists!

Michala and I arrived during the second half of the show. What I really loved about the performances was the stories each woman had to tell. It was very inspiring to me as a creative person. Each artist did an amazing job!

Michala was amazed by performer Tone. A teen just like Michala, Tone (17) sang a song about wearing her hair down to look beautiful. I think Michala really resonated with Tone’s song because Michala has been struggling with finding beauty with her short, naturally curly hair.

Michala was also impressed that Tone is trilingual. Michala has been learning how to read and speak the Korean language so this was another trait she loved about the singer. Sometimes Tone incorporates Mandarin and French into her music.

Tone also wears her hair natural and short length. I was so happy to see Tone perform because I wanted Michala to see another teen girl she can relate to. I’ve been encouraging Michala for years that she is beautiful and her hair is also beautiful, but I know this is something Michala must feel about herself. It is a journey she is on right now and I will continue to support her journey. It is my hope when I take Michala to events like We Found Hip Hop’s event that Michala feels empowered to find her inner and outer beauty.

After Tone’s performance, Michala quickly jumped to her feet and started applauding the young artist. I was surprised! As the audience applauded, I turned to look at Michala and she had a big smile on her face as she cheered for Tone. Oh, my mama heart! It felt so much joy to see Michala connect with Tone’s music.

Sombade Detroit
Michala really loved Tone’s performance.

Although we arrived late to the show, we were still able to catch these amazing artists perform.

Alexyn Wunderland

Sanaa Su


Lauren J

Boog Brown

Mahogany Jones

Boog Brown
Alexyn Wunderland

“I’m dreaming with my eyes wide open.”

During her performance, Mahogany Jones invited us to sing the hook to her song “Insight”, and we sang it loudly. It was like being at church singing at the top of your lungs waving your hands in the air because you’re feeling the music and believing God’s promise. Only we were waving our hands in the air because we were thinking of our hopes and our dreams.

She was reawakening that dream I’ve had deep within me. I just sang the hook loudly, bobbing my head to the music because, after everything that’s been going on in my life, I needed that reminder to keep the faith.


I needed this event, you guys. It really lifted my spirits, especially after feeling so defeated with Travis’ job loss. I needed to hear each woman’s story to remind me we all have a story. This celebration taught me the importance of sharing with others your stories, your wins, your struggles, your hopes, and your dreams.

Mahogany closed her set with a strong message to the audience:

“Y’all, continue to pursue what you know is for you. People will tell you ‘no’ and that is your yes…When God give you that yes, that’s a yes no matter who say no! You hear me today? Y’all better believe that…”

Mahogany Jones Detroit
Mahogany Jones

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Jennifer xoxo

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