Finding Back-to-School Deals and Trends with Your DFCUPerks App

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It’s hard to believe that August is here, isn’t it? These summer months are just going by so fast. Before you know it, all of the kids will be back in school! Is your family getting ready for a new school year? 

I homeschool my children so our school format and routine looks a little different from public school traditions. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t take advantage of back-to-school deals. In fact, my oldest is starting his first semester of college, so he is going to need new school supplies, too. 

Whether you’re a homeschool family, a public school family, or a parent of a college student, the back-to-school sales are a great way to save money on Fall clothing and school supplies!

Detroit homeschool
We’ve been enjoying the summertime! Back-to-school season is a great way for me to save money on our homeschool supplies. Keep reading to learn more!
Detroit homeschool
Elijah recently graduated from high school over the summer! He’s going to be starting college soon so he will still need school supplies.
Keep reading to learn how I use my DFCUPerks App to access back-to-school deals!

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For this back-to-school season, I am using my DFCUPerks App to find deals in my local area and online. 

Here are a few brands I have found with great back-to-school local deals so far:


  • Lakeshore Learning Materials: When you use your DFCUPerks App, you can get 20% off any single item that is not on sale.
  • Mr. Alan’s Shoes & Sportswear: With the DFCUPerks App, you can get 15% off all regular priced merchandise.
  • Detroit Historical Museum: Get free adult admission with the purchase of one adult admission using your DFCUPerks App. This deal is great for homeschool field trips or supplemental learning for public school families.
  • Michigan Science Center: Another great idea for an educational field trip. You can get $3 off general admission or $10 off a new membership when you use your DFCUPerks App.
Michigan Science Center
Elijah, Michala, and Zhen exploring the Michigan Science Center.
Michigan Science Center
Zhen playing at the Michigan Science Center. There are two deals for MiSci featured on the DFCUPerks App!
Michigan Science Center
The kids love hanging out at the Michigan Science Center!

And here are a few online deals I found with my DFCUPerks App:


  • TOMS Shoes: Looking for comfy shoes for PTO meetings and volunteering with your kids’ school. When you use your DFCUPerks App, you can get $10 your purchase of $99 or more.
  • Dell: This deal is helpful for saving money on desktops or laptops for school. With your DFCUPerks App you can save 2 to 30% off on Dell products.
  • Discount School Supply: This school deal is perfect for homeschool families. Take $20 off any purchase of $150 or more through your DFCUPerks App.
  • Finish Line: Save money on the latest back-to-school sneaker trends. With your DFCUPerks App, you can get $15 off orders of $150 or more.
  • Hello Fresh: Get $20 off your first 4 orders with your DFCUPerks App. Perfect food service for the busy school season!
  • Target: Save money on your child’s school supply list when you shop at Target.com. This DFCUPerks deal is take $5 off your order of $50 or more.
Good Life Detroit
Michala and I love shopping at Target! Using the online coupon through my DFCUPerks App for Target.com is a great way to save. Every little bit helps!
Good Life Detroit
Shopping with my daughter Zhen at Target.


I’ve also been keeping up with the back-to-school trends for the season. It’s fun to see what my kids are into, even though it’s always changing. Ha! 

Here are a few back-to-school trends I’ve noticed so far.

1. Holographic Colors. I noticed this trend about a month ago and I have to say, I really like it! So far, I have seen holographic nail art and holographic sandals. 

For the kids, expect to see holographic everything this back-to-school season. It’s a big hit with girls fashion style, too. From holographic windbreakers to holographic notebooks, this futuristic color style is going to be a big hit this school season!

Use your DFCUPerks App to access Target’s online deal of $5 off your purchase of $50.

Nala Lion King Jacket
Zhen loves this Nala Lion King jacket at Target. Use your DFCUPerks App to access a deal for Target.com!

2. Bluetooth Speakers. This is a trend for teens and college kids. Gone are the boombox days. Remember that? When I was a teen, I loved listening to my favorite radio station and cassette tapes! I had a long, black rectangular-shaped boombox. Nowadays, kids either use their earbuds to listen to music or Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are really popular with teens and college kids because they can listen to their music anywhere! My teen son Elijah likes to use a Bluetooth speaker when he’s riding his bike. College students can also listen to recorded audiobooks or lectures on their Bluetooth speaker. 

Use your DFCUPerks App to get 2 to 30% off your order at Dell.com.

Good Life Detroit
My daughter Michala loves to use her Bluetooth speaker for listening to music away from home.

3. Sneakers with dresses. This fashion trend is popular for girls and women. I even love to wear sneakers with everything now! The ladies are trading in their heels and sandals for a cute pair of sneakers.

Sneakers like Fila’s Disruptor 2 white chunky sneaker and a hot pink, pair of Air Jordan high tops are all the rage now. It’s comfy and hip. It’s comfy and hip!

Use your DFCUPerks App to get deals on sneakers at Finish Line, JcPenney, Kohl’s, Nike, and Target.

DFCUPerks App DFCU Financial
Use your DFCUPerks App to access deals for your back-to-school shopping!

4. Local education enrichment opportunities. More and more local businesses and organizations are offering educational support to youth in the community. Many businesses and organizations are now offering after-school events, community workshops, and homeschool programs. 

For example, the Michigan Science Center, for instance, features homeschool days and workshops. The Microsoft Store in Troy offers free computer technology workshops for students. It’s a great way for students to learn a new skill such as coding and gaming.

Use your DFCUPerks app to access deals for educational enrichment opportunities at local organizations like the Michigan Science Center, Detroit Historical Museum, and Microsoft.

Good Life Detroit
There are a few educational opportunities featured on the DFCUPerks App!

5. Delivery food services. When the kids are in school, life gets very busy. Working, extracurricular activities, and family life will have parents constantly on the go. More families are going to use food delivery services to cut down on time for grocery shopping and cooking dinner. 

From Uber Eats to grocery delivery services, these types of food services are going to help families have more time with their children and keep the kitchen clean.

Use your DFCUPerks app to get deals on Hello Fresh and Uber Eats.

back-to-school deals
August means back-to-school season and finding the best deals on school supplies!


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