5 Fun Ways to Hang Kid Art

Art is a big deal at our house. Not only do we learn about art for our homeschool, but we also like to visit art festivals and art galleries in the city. In Detroit, there are many art festivals going on in the summer. It’s a perfect way for the kids to see art up close and sometimes even talk to artists.

At home, I like to buy art and crafts kits and supplies for the kids to make art. Zhen and Zechariah probably create art at least twice a week. They love to create with Playdoh and paint pictures to hang on the wall. I always love seeing what they create.

Two things I love to do with my kids’ art:

mail it to their grandparents (like we did with my mom’s Mother’s Day gifts)

hang it up in the house for all to see

Kid art makes great home decor if you ever want something original and unique for your home. Plus, children love seeing their artwork on display. It makes my kids feel happy and proud of their work. One time Zhen was painting a picture and she said to me, “Mom, I’m a real artist.”

Here are five fun ways I discovered you can hang kids’ art.

Ziploc shared a few fun ways to hang kids’ art, like using colorful washi tape.
Hang your child’s artwork with a farmhouse style art display by Little Pine AU.
These cute crocodile clothespins are a fun way to hang kid art.
Love this wood wall art display board from My Side of the Garage.
Make it fun with hangers! (Photo credit: page thirteen)

Which ones are your favorite?

What are your thoughts?