Five Binge-Worthy YouTube Channels You Should Watch This Weekend

Today’s blog post features a list of five binge-worthy YouTube channels for women that we think you’ll love! Together with guest writer Ariana Robinson, we compiled a list of women YouTubers who are creating empowering, innovative, funny, and stylish content. Hope you enjoy today’s post! xoxo

By Ariana Robinson

The women we admire are prevalent either in our everyday life or on our screens. In my case, it’s both! I have been a consumer of digital media since middle school, and my most recollecting outlet has always been YouTube.

From fashion and beauty to comedy, gaming, and wellness, YouTube has provided platforms to many creators as a means to entertain and educate a variety of audiences. In times when I didn’t have any mentors, or even friends to speak to, video creators gave me solace and inspiration.


Here are five YouTube channels for women that are influencing thousands of lives. Let us know in the comments below who your favorite women YouTubers are, too!


Photo credit: Angelina McCullar

In addition to her YouTube channel BlueprintDIY, Angelina is a licensed architect and a new-found designer (longtime seamstress) that has built a community with the belief of making clothes just unique as the individual. Angelina’s content consists of easy-to-follow, high-energy sewing videos that regularly coincide with fashion’s latest trends.

In each video, she teaches us how to upcycle and alter our clothes to our truest style before we even think about sending them to the thrift store. Sustainable, smart, and creative– we love it!

On BlueprintDIY, Jennifer says: “I love how innovative Angelina is with her DIY fashion upcycles. She encourages women of all ages and sizes to discover their unique styles and create looks that they love. Angelina’s motto is to “re-make your clothes as unique as you.” She believes in body positivity and will often feature DIY tutorials for extended sizes, too. As a plus-size woman, I never leave her site feeling bad about myself. Whenever I watch Angelina’s videos, I feel encouraged to be myself and inspired to create my own fashion style.

You can also find Angelina on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


Photo credit: Kimberly Foster

Popularly known under her YouTube channel and website name For Harriet, Kimberly creates extremely entertaining and thought-provoking commentary videos in reaction to political, social justice, or pop-cultural events in media. For Harriet‘s content notably pertains to the narrative of Black women.

Kimberly’s successful YouTube channel is accurately quoted as, “a Black feminist community (open to all but centering the needs and experiences of Black women) that features creative work meant to move critical conversations forward.” 

Quite often, For Harriet features guest speakers that provide a professional perspective to a topic of discussion. I know the commitment is real to the community when Kimberly invites her followers to discuss during video streams, too! Additionally, she posts journalistic content for purchase on her Patreon to continue the support of her independently-owned and Black woman-owned media company and platform.

You can also follow For Harriet on Instagram and Twitter. P.S.– We love her tweets, too!


Photo credit: Jouelzy

It’s literally the name of all of her socials (look her up!). Jouelzy creates content surrounding cultural commentary that parallels with political history. She also utilizes social theories to speculate on trends in Black pop culture.

Each video feels like you’re getting the ultimate tea with reason. Not only does she create content for her YouTube channel and Patreon, but she is also the founder of an empowering book club– SmartBrownGirl.

It is a space for Black women in forgotten spaces that advocates for public access to curated reading material, centered around discussion in research, history, and theory. 

You can also find Jouelzy on Facebook and Twitter.


Following the name of her Youtube channel, Jade Fox is a comedian and digital content creator who takes her honest opinions to the next level.

She currently uploads content surrounding being a Black queer introvert, pop culture, androgynous fashion, as well as lifestyle content. With over 231,000 followers on her YouTube channel, Jade says her content is a safe space, “but you CAN get roasted.” It’s all in good fun and love, though!

Jade also has a fashion channel called madeyoulooks (all lower case and no spaces). On madeyoulooks, Jade shares “cute AF” styles for “masculine-presenting women to explore fashion and style.”

You can also follow Jade on Instagram and Twitter.


Photo credit: Cindy Pham

As a notable voice in the Youtube book community (better known as Booktube), Cindy uses her channel Read with Cindy to read so I don’t have to! 😉

Cindy reviews and recommends books in her enlightening, sarcastic, and literal humor. One thing we want to know, though, is how do you find the time to read so many books, Cindy? Please, teach us your ways! 🙂

The popular YouTube star also has many accolades. She’s an art director for Twitter’s in-house creative agency and she has worked with notable brands such as Adidas, Adult Swim, Google, Pinterest, and Spotify. Not to mention, Cindy has also won a Silver ADDY Award, ADC Merit, and a Digiday Award. Pretty amazing!

You can also find Cindy on Goodreads, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ariana Robinson, freelance writer

Ariana Robinson is a freelance writer and fashion & lifestyle enthusiast. As she enjoys studying contemporary and street fashion, she is an advocate for sustainability and community organization. Ariana resides in Saginaw and frequents metro Detroit for business. Follow her on Instagram @subtle_black_ for style and other inspiration! (Photo courtesy Ariana Robinson)

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