Brighten Up Your Summer with These Four Bold Summer Makeup Looks

July weather has been unbearably hot at times, but don’t let that stop you from creating sizzling, summer makeup looks. Whether you’re opting for a creative eye look to compliment your face mask or you’re ready for a full look for a night out, my friend Tiffany has some great summer makeup ideas and tips for you! 

As a boy mom of two handsome little ones, Tiffany works hard to care for her family and pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. The metro Detroit-based makeup artist launched her business Beauty is My Business in August 2019. 

Tiff has been a makeup enthusiast ever since she was a young girl. She remembers as early as age 12 playing with her mother’s makeup. By age 16, Tiffany says “from there the passion just grew.” Soon she started doing makeup for family, friends, and special events.

Now years later, Tiffany is fulfilling her dream of owning her own makeup business. Beauty is My Business specializes in “enhancing your natural beauty” with services such as lash extensions, lash lifts, eyebrow tint, lash tint, makeup application. (Soon microblading will be offered to the list of services.)

She also teaches makeup classes for beauty enthusiasts and beginners. Before the pandemic, she hosted the classes in her home and other locations. But once COVID hit, Tiffany decided to get creative and give virtual beauty classes a try.

For an affordable rate, the beauty classes are a great way to learn a new summer makeup ideas and techniques. You can also have the opportunity to get advice and ask any beauty questions you may have.

I had so much fun collaborating with Tiffany, Stan, and Chris on this beauty photoshoot! Hope you enjoy the summer makeup looks Tiffany created and her beauty tips inspire you to try something new!


PHOTOSHOOT DETAILS— | MUA: Tiffany Jordan (Owner of Beauty is My Business) | Photographer: Stanley Jordan (Detroit Photographer Shot by Stan) | Photo Studio: VIII/VIII Photography (Owned by Detroit Photographer Chris and located in the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit, Michigan)

Four Bold Summer Makeup Looks That Pop! Detroit makeup artist Tiffany Jordan shares her beauty styles and tips.

“It’s summertime it’s fun. We’ve been in quarantine. If we’re going to go out, we’re going to do it to the fullest and make it super fun.”

Tiffany Jordan, Detroit Makeup Artist and Owner of Beauty is My Business

Tip #1: Wear a bold eye or lip color for a hot, summertime look.

Just like me, Tiffany loves bold makeup colors. I’ve always been attracted to vibrant colors and lately, I’ve been loving wearing bold eye colors. A few months ago, I bought two Juvias Place palettes that have bold, vibrant colors: The Viloets and The Sweet Pinks Eyeshadow Palettes. I love the pop of color and glittery shadows!

“I love a bold eye or a bold lip,” she says. “If you can’t do anything else this summer, you could throw on some mascara. Fill in your brows if you feel like it. Throw on a bold lip. That is the simplest thing you can do. Mascara, brows, and a bright, orange lip…that’s just amazing! Okay, summer’s here, I’m looking fabulous!”

TIP #2: Focus on an eye look that pops when you need to wear a face mask.

In some situations, you may need to wear a face mask. Wearing full makeup with a face mask just isn’t a good idea. Your makeup will smear and more than likely you will end up sweating quite a bit from the extra layers. 

Instead, Tiffany recommends creating an eye look that pops. “You can’t see my lips? Then let me show you some bold eye colors,” she says. “With color, I always tell people to start with something simple. Just do one color.” 

Apply the bold eye shadow to your eyelid and then blend the shadow with your blending eyeshadow brush. “Start with that and then gradually add more color to it,” Tiff says. “Then try an eyeliner at the top or do a bold lash with it.” For lip color with a bold eyeshadow, Tiffany recommends a nude lip.

Other eye shadow options you can try are eye shadow sticks and bold, bright eyeliner. Eyeshadow sticks are perfect if you’re not so good with blending. You can even find brands that include primer. Plus, many eyeshadow sticks have a waterproof formula. 

Brighten Up Your Summer with These Four Bold Summer Makeup Looks

 Does your eyeshadow have to match your outfit?

“It can help, but to me I think an eye shadow is an accessory. Your eye shadow is an accessory to your look. It doesn’t have to match it completely right.”

Tiffany Jordan, Owner of Beauty is My Business

TIP #3: Yes, it’s okay to wear lashes in the summer!

I love wearing lashes, but one thing I wasn’t sure about was if it was still okay to wear them in the summertime. Tiffany reassures as long as you have good lash glue, then it’s perfectly fine to wear fake lashes. 

“Lash glue is made for lashes year-round, whether it’s summer, spring, winter, or fall,” she explains. “The glue is made to adhere to your natural lashes or the skin. It won’t break down in sweat, oil, [or] grease.”

Tiffany recommends DUO Dark Lash Adhesive (or DUO Black). She has been using it for years. “DUO Black is my favorite glue. That’s my Holy Grail go-to. I haven’t found any other glue that is better than that.”

SUMMER MAKEUP IDEAS: Where a bold eye color to make your makeup pop!

The first step to wearing lashes in the summer is to make sure your lash glue hasn’t expired. On most beauty brands, you can find the expiration date on the back of the products.

You will find a picture of a container with a number on it, like 6 or 12. The number indicates how long your product will last from the date you open it. Use your own discretion if it doesn’t have an expiration date.

“Me personally? I will put on a lash before I put on mascara,” says Tiffany. “I don’t want to worry about my face sweating and then the mascara touching and then it’s running.”

TIP #4: Always wear sun protection under your makeup.

Wearing sunscreen on your face is really important. Not only does it protect your skin, but it can also be a base under your foundation. Tiffany says it’s important to remember to wear sunscreen no matter the season. 

“To me, it is vital. It is necessary!” Tiff says. “Just because it’s summer, that does not mean stop hydrating. It does not mean stop wearing your SPF under your foundation or even get your foundation that has SPF in it.” 

Summer Makeup Looks: Try bold eyeshadow colors and lip colors to brighten up your summer style!
Tiffany's summer makeup ideas are perfect for learning how to create bold makeup looks you will love!
“You don’t have to wear pink to have a pink eye on. It’s a fun color. It’s a beautiful color on every skin tone.”

TIP #5: Find a primer that fits your budget. 

After you apply your sunscreen, the next product you will need is primer. You should always use a primer because it will help make your makeup last longer. As Tiffany explains, “the primer is the barrier between the skin and the product that you’re applying. If I have on a serum a moisturizer, and my sunscreen then I’m definitely going to put my primer.”

My favorite primer brand is MAC Cosmetics, but when I’m on a budget, I like to get the Milani or e.l.f. brands. Tiffany says her “go-to, holy grail primer” is Urban Decay with MAC primer being her second choice. For a budget-friendly option, Tiff recommends Maybelline’s color-correcting primer. 

The key to choosing a good primer is understanding your skin type. “It benefits you more and it makes your product last longer,” she says. For example, if you have large pores, Tiffany recommends a primer that fills pores.

TIP #6: Your brows are sisters– not twins.

I’ve often stressed out over trying to get my eyebrows to look exactly the same. What about you? I was surprised to learn our eyebrows are actually not supposed to look exactly alike. 

With a light-hearted laugh, Tiffany explains, “Your brows are not twins. They are sisters. They are never going to be identical. Even if you go to the baddest microblader in the world, they are still not going to be 100% symmetrical because your hair pattern grows differently everywhere on your body.” 

“I tell everybody: the more you play, the better you’ll get. Practice makes perfect,”

Tiffany Jordan, Makeup Artist and Owner of Beauty is My Business

TIP #7: It’s okay to use more than one product for your eyebrows.

My eyebrow application is a process, for sure! I like to use a combination of different products. My brow routine is to first outline my brows with a Revlon eyebrow pencil. Then I fill my eyebrows with the Glossier Boy Brow, Glossier Brow Flick, and Anastasia Brow Pomade. All in that order.

Tiffany likes to use the Anastasia Brow Dip Pomade, too. She also recommends brow mascara, like the Glossier Boy Brow, to help your eyebrows last longer.

And lastly, don’t forget the brow gel! “That brow gel helps lock that product into place [and] it helps lock your brow hairs into place,” she explains. And the best part– you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining your eyebrows. 

TIP #8: Prep your eyebrows with setting powder for a lasting look.

Just like with our face makeup, preparation is key for lasting eyebrows. A new brow technique I learned from Tiffany is to use a setting powder on my eyebrows before applying the other products. I love using Laura Mercier setting powder. I use it to set my eyebrows and face makeup.

Tiffany suggests using your setting powder very lightly on your brows and then let it sit for a little bit. You can even go ahead and do your eye makeup while you’re waiting for it to set. “The setting powder is going to help lock whatever product you used on your brows in,” she explains.


I hope Tiffany’s great summer makeup ideas help you and inspire you to create beautiful, bold new looks! If you feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed at first– it’s okay. It took a lot of trial anderror for me. Thanks to Tiffany’s help, I’ve found a technique that works for me. 

Remember, it’s all about practice and finding what product and technique work for you. “I tell everybody: the more you play, the better you’ll get. Practice makes perfect,” Tiffany says. 


I love makeup because I enjoy creating new looks. It’s a great way to express yourself and explore your artistic side. Tiff and I both agree that for us, makeup isn’t about altering our appearance. It’s something we both enjoy and love.

“It works wonders,” Tiffany says. “It lightens the mood. It changes your day. You’re like: ‘Okay, I’m already looking good so let’s tackle the day. I got this!’”

Special thanks to Tiffany Jordan from Beauty is My Business, and Stanley Jordan from Shot by Stan J, and Chris from VIII/VIII Photography! Photography by Shot by Stan J (Stanley Jordan).

Connect with all three Detroit creatives at the following links:

Beauty is My Business (Instagram)

VIII/VIII Photography (Instagram) and click here for the official website.

Shot by Stan J (Instagram)


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