The 4 Career Tips I Recommend for Women Entrepreneurs

With Women’s History Month coming to a close, I thought it would be nice to feature an interview with a Detroit-based female entrepreneur who is killing it in her career field!

Meet Rebecca “Becky” Scarcello, a woman who wears many hats in the professional world. She’s the co-host of The D Brief, co-founder of Michigan Podcast Productions, and business manager for Feet on the Street Tours.

Born and raised in Detroit, Becky has a big heart for her city. Her love for Detroit is evident in her social media posts as she shares all of the cool events and places she visits in the D.
As a newbie to Detroit, I have learned quite a bit from Becky about this wondrous city.

Not only that, Becky also is involved with community work in the City of Detroit. For instance, she serves on the board of Matrix Human Services, a nonprofit organization which strives hard to serve the Detroit community and metro area.

I first met Becky as a guest on the podcast The D Brief. Along with her co-host Seth Resler, the two media personalities feature interviews with “the go-getters and heavy hitters in the Detroit arts and entertainment scene.”

“The mission is to support and highlight all the great things going on in Detroit, Metro Detroit, and the art and entertainment scene,” Becky explained to me. “[We want] to really give attention to all the people doing amazing things as the city continues to experience revitalization and grow.”

The D Brief podcast started in 2017 and Becky joined the team in February of 2018. To date, The D Brief has 30,000 downloads and is seeing great growth in Detroit’s media industry.

Guests from Detroit’s art and entertainment scene are featured on the show. Here are a few guests that have been featured on the show:

inger Apropos

MaryAnn Wilkinson, Executive Director of The Scarab Club in Detroit

Storyteller Shannon Cason of The Moth and Snap Judgment

Carmen Harlan, WDIV News Anchor

Tazeen Ayub, Host of the Digging Deeper Podcast

Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box (Yes, the Netflix movie with Sandra Bullock!)

You can listen to find their podcasts here if you’d like to listen.

Becky and Seth co-host The D Brief, a Detroit-based podcast which highlights Detroit’s art and entertainment scene. (Photo credit: Becky Scarcello)

Earlier this year, Becky and business partner Seth Resler launched Michigan Podcasts Productions. Together the two help other business professionals produce their own podcasts.

Becky is also the business manager of Feet on the Street Tours, a women-owned business that offers tours of iconic Detroit destinations like Eastern Market and Capitol Park’s Strolling Brunch Tours.

Founder Linda Yellin created Feet on the Street in 2007, and it is now a hot attraction in Detroit. (I’ve been on two tours so far with Travis and we both really enjoyed it!)

With such an enriched experience as an entrepreneur, I thought it would be great to connect with Becky and learn a few career tips that can help other women professionals.

Whether you’re considering launching your first start-up or you are already established in your professional field, Becky’s career tips can help you on your career journey.

Detroit entrepreneur Becky Scarcello shares her top four career tips for women professionals! (Photo credit: Cyrus Tetteh)


Becky says all of her main and favorite jobs have come through networking. “I have had good fortune, especially at all my current jobs, finding about out about [careers] from other people who know me,” Becky says.

Her colleagues and friends are familiar with what type of work she does and what her career interests are. Therefore, she says they were able to recommend to her various job opportunities that may interest her.

Even if you’re an introvert, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and network with other professionals. A former introvert herself, Becky says it will get easier the more you do it. “There’s nothing else I’ve seen that has success like networking,” she says.


Just because you think you should pursue a particular career or your peers are following a specific career path does not necessarily mean that you should too. “We all, at different times in our life, do things because we think we should or because other people are doing it,” the D Brief co-host says. “It’s okay to realize that something is not for you and choose not to do it.”

For example, when Becky was in her 20s, she decided to pursue a job in the banking industry. She explained since she had obtained an economics degree, she thought that was what she was supposed to do simply because she went to school for it.

Once she started her new banking job, though, Becky realized she didn’t enjoy banking. “I really had to find myself to realize [banking wasn’t] for me. Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I should and I’m going to enjoy it.”

Becky explains, “Once you get to a point of self-awareness and acceptance, then you can succeed much better and you will be happier.”


Integrity is another important quality Becky believes a career professional must have. When it comes to performance, Becky’s personal rule is to overdeliver. She wants to give everybody who is working with her the proper attention and follow through with her promises.

She also suggests you remain realistic when determining what you can and cannot do for a job assignment. Know your limits. When a person asks if she is available for a project, Becky likes to take time to think things over before giving an immediate answer.

This way she remains realistic about her work availability. “I would much rather say, ‘let me take a look at that,’ or ‘I think so, but I need to reevaluate’, and then come through and say, ‘Hey, I think I can do this for you.'”


“What’s that saying? Life happens when you’re busy making other plans. I say [this quote] is really important for a career,” Becky says. She strongly believes it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things and make new connections.

Becky suggests being open to new careers and even opportunities that are not affiliated with your career field. “Sometimes maybe [accept projects] you don’t get paid for,” she says, “or join a committee that sounds interesting even though it doesn’t pad your resume. Go to some events just because you want to and you never know who you might meet and what opportunities might be there.”

Take her job as business manager for Feet on the Street Tours. After the company she was working for sold, her husband suggested she take some time off.

“That was the best advice because then I was able to do more leisure type activities. I got the Feet on the Street [job] literally by going on a tour because it sounded like fun and a friend invited me and I bought a ticket. That was it!” Becky’s time on the tour led to her connecting with Linda Yellin and soon she became Ms. Yellin’s business manager.

“Be open and hear people out. Don’t put yourself in a box,” Becky advises. “When you take some level of risks, the rewards can be greater.”

Becky Scarcello with Marie Merchant, Emily T. Gail of “Say Nice Things About Detroit”, and tour members of Feet on the Street Tours. (Photo credit: Becky Scarcello)

Special thanks to Becky Scarcello for taking the time to interview with Good Life Detroit and share her advice on successful career tips. Click on each title link to learn more about The D Brief, Michigan Podcast Productions, and Feet on the Street Tours.

Feature image by Cyrus Tetteh


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