10 Fun Kites for Kids Under $20

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One of my kids’ favorite outdoor activities is to go outside and fly kites. I recently shared a post about our little family adventure at the 2018 Detroit Kite Festival. I went online to check to see if I could find kites for kids under $20 on Amazon Prime. Thank goodness I found Hengda Kites. The kites fit our budget and worked out so well for the event!

The kites are made from ripstop polyester fabric. We found the fabric to be of great quality and we haven’t experienced any issues with rips in the kites. Each kite comes with a set of fiberglass rods that you assemble to create the frame of the kite. The kites also come with directions and we found them pretty easy to assemble and disassemble.

As far as how high can the kites fly, Zhen’s mermaid kite got as high as 40 feet at the kite festival. It could definitely go higher than that, but she accidentally got it tangled with another person’s kite so we told her to fly it a little lower. The other kites can go that high, too!

Hengda Kite’s has a video demonstration of one of their classic dragon kites if you’d like to see. Click here for the video.

Hengda has so many fun kites to choose from like a huge frameless soft parafoil blue dolphin, a cute red fox, and a pretty butterfly kite.


Here are the kites the kids picked out for the festival:



EAGLE KITE, $16.85



Classic Dragon Kite, $14.97

Octopus Large Easy Flyer, $13.85 (2-Pack)

Rocket Ship, $9.99

Cartoon Owl Kite, $9.99

Hot Air Balloon, $9.99

Pineapple Kite, $4.99


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