Funny and Heartwarming Things My Little Ones Have Said About My Pregnancy

After we found out we were expecting, Travis and I didn’t make a big pregnancy announcement to the kids (although I think even our simple announcement was BIG NEWS to them). We wanted to keep things simple and just tell the kids together. I was honestly really surprised by their reactions. They were over the moon about it!

The kids received our baby news really well. All five children had big smiles on their faces and squealed with excitement. Well, except for Elijah (20) because, you know, he’s older now and wouldn’t exactly squeal. Ha Ha!

Everyone gave me big hugs and immediately started telling us the gender they wished for the baby. Zhen said she wanted another baby brother, while Zechariah said he wanted a baby sister. Elijah said he’d be happy either way.

(The kids and our parents know Baby’s gender, but We’re waiting to reveal the gender to friends.)

29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant!

Of course, Elijah and Michala are old enough to understand how pregnancy goes and what to expect until their little sibling is born. My three little ones, however, do not completely understand pregnancy so they’ve been asking me a lot of questions.

“How many days until the baby will be here?” Zhen (7) asks me this often. I tell her the baby will be born at the beginning of August. Then she asks, “How many days until August?!”

Zhen, Zechariah, and Zephaniah have also been sharing with me their beliefs and thoughts on Mommy’s pregnancy. For instance, Zechariah believes once the baby is born, Baby will be ready to play games and toys with him.

Zhen told me she wants the baby’s first word to be her name. LOL!

Me: “Um…when do you think the baby will say [their] first word?”

Zhen: “After the baby’s born!”

Me: “So you think after [they’re] born, the baby’s just going to say ‘ZHEN!'”

At this, Zhen busted out laughing.

Zhen is very excited to get another little sibling!


It’s been really funny and heartwarming to hear the different things my little ones think about my pregnancy. Here are a few more thoughts they’ve shared with me.

Zhen thinks the baby can talk while in my belly and asks me if I can hear what the baby is saying.

She also thinks the baby is going to be cute and will like dolphins.

Also Zhen: “Wow, Mommy, your belly sure is growing! You got a BIG belly now!”

Zechariah (4) told me, “I want a PJ Masks Lego set for the baby. That way I can play with the baby!” (Aww!)

Zephaniah (2) reminds me all of the time, “Mommy, you have a baby in your belly!” And then he gives my stomach a kiss. He also refers to my stomach as the “baby belly.”

Something really cute Zephaniah has been doing lately: he likes to take the fetal stethoscope and put it up to my stomach to see if he can hear the baby.

When he puts the stethoscope around his neck, he proudly announces, “Me Dr. Zephaniah!” One time he used a Doc McStuffins’ toy stethoscope to listen to the baby.

Zephaniah using his Doc McStuffins toy stethoscope to hear the baby

On my having a home birth this time:

Zhen said she thinks it’s good I’m having a home birth because “I get to hold the baby and I don’t have to wait a long time!” She also said she thinks a home birth is a good idea because “you can take care of your kids.” (?!)

She remembers when I had Zephaniah, I was in the hospital for about two days. When she’d come to visit me, she’d ask me when would I be coming home because she missed me.

A couple of weeks ago, I was outside with the kids and we saw two ducks sitting in the grass near our townhouse. I told the kids the mama duck would be laying her eggs soon. Zhen exclaimed, “She’s having a home birth just like you, Mom!”

Pregnancy Announcement to My Kids
Time is going bey really fast now!

What funny and heartfelt things have your kids said about your pregnancy?


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