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“Wow, it’s really been years since I had a Girls Night Out!”

**Screaming from the rooftop**

I had a girls’ night out last Friday! It’s a big deal, folks!

I am the mother of five children. It’s a no-brainer that my life stays busy. Not to mention, I homeschool my kids and I work from home. So I spend a lot of time at my house– with kids!

I rarely talk on the phone because it’s almost impossible for me to hold a straight conversation without interruptions and loud background noise from my kids.

You need me? Email or text me. DM me on IG. @ me on Twitter. That’s how you get at me.

I’m lucky if I get to watch one T.V. show because the kids’ favorite shows dominate our television. You guys, I am six seasons behind on Game of Thrones. I have never seen Queen Sugar, but I really want to! And I have never watched an episode of Grownish. Saying I’m behind on T.V. shows is an understatement!

If I am able to plan time out with other adults, I am either super late or I have to cancel because…kids.

Good Life Detroit
Zephaniah got into my makeup box!
Good Life Detroit

Date night with Travis used to be nonexistent, but thankfully, we caught on to it and made a positive change in our marriage.

Just this year, my husband and I finally started to make it a point to have regular date nights. We got so caught up with parenting that we forgot about each other. We made a decision to take time out for each other even if that means we have to schedule it and sync Date Night to our Google calendars.

Good Life Detroit
Date night is a regular thing at our house!

Nurturing your marriage is always important no matter if you’re newlyweds or you’ve been married for over 10 years. But that’s a blog topic for another time.

Back to my girls’ night out– The fact that I was able to have a girls’ night is major for me!

Good Life Detroit
My friend Shawn and I on our Girls’ Night Out in Detroit.

I hung out with another adult woman and we talked about adult things and laughed at our adult jokes. And I was able to share a complete thought without a million interruptions from small children.

I also didn’t have to watch my language. I was able to use adult expletives and words and not have to cringe once. I didn’t have to spell out words because of L-I-T-T-L-E E-A-R-S listening to my conversation.

I sipped on an adult drink— red wine– and I bought myself dinner and I didn’t have to share.

Our ladies’ night out started at the Detroit Swag art exhibition at Playground Detroit. Have you been? Judy Bowman’s art is beautiful!

Detroit Swag Judy Bowman
Detroit artist Judy Bowman’s latest art exhibit “Detroit Swag” is a must-see!

After the exhibit, we headed to the Detroit Zoo for their wine tasting event. I only had one wine sample since I am still breastfeeding.

It was a very nice evening to stroll around the zoo and sip wine. There were times I found myself wanting to look for my kids, though. It felt odd to be at the zoo without my children.

“My kids are going to be so jealous when they find out I went to the zoo,” I laughingly said to my friend Shawn.

Detroit zoo wine
vintage fashion

Life really does get crazy busy when you have a family and work. The regular routine of life and those unexpected life issues envelop you and sometimes you forget who you are…

Okay, maybe that’s getting a little too deep. Just picture me staring off into the distance reliving my younger years when I didn’t have so many kids and life responsibilities.

Snapback to reality.

Detroit Zoo Wine Event
Detroit Zoo wine
Detroit zoo penguins

I love being a mom and I love each of my children with all of my heart. But my night out with my friend was a breath of fresh air. It was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know I needed it!

I need to plan more time out with a friend or group of friends. No matter how old you are time out with a friend is good for the soul.


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