Donate Prom Attire to Make a Teen’s Prom Unforgettable

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, then I have a perfect volunteer event for you! The 2017 graduating class of Covenant House Academy is in need of prom attire for young men and women.

Join the GIVE Club™ on Saturday, May 13th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cashmere Studio Boutique in Farmington Hills. Members of the community outreach organization will be accepting new and gently used prom clothing and accessories for the students of Covenant House Academy.

If you do not have prom attire, you can make a monetary donation through PayPal: paypalme/GIVClub.

GIVE Club Collecting Prom Attire

Who are the GIVE Club™ Members?

The Give Club™ is a new Detroit-based nonprofit 501c3 organization. The group is comprised of female members who have “a vision to take action and bring about change, by getting involved in volunteering efforts.”

There two areas the GIVE Club™ focuses on 1) helping and improving the communities in Detroit, Metro Detroit, other Michigan cities, and 2) building and encourage their team.

Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to meet the GIVE Club™ at one of their volunteer events for 2016 Make a Difference Day. Members of the GIVE Club™ were handing out “Blessing Bags” to the Cass Corridor community.

The GIVE Club™ distributed 60 hygiene/toiletry kits with socks, hats, and gloves. 80 food kits were also given. Along with the food and hygiene kits, the GIVE Club™ handed out 60 hot breakfast sandwiches donated from McDonald’s.

And that’s what I love about the GIVE Club™. These kind-hearted women are always willing to help someone or a community in need.

GIVE Club: Getting Involved in Volunteer Efforts


I recently reached out to the GIVE Club’s founder and president Keiona Turner to see what the GIVE Club™ ladies have been up to since our meeting in October 2016.

Good Life Detroit (GLD): Why did the GIVE Club™ choose to work with Covenant House Academy?

Keiona Turner: As part of our mission to support other charitable organizations, GIVE Club™ visited Covenant House Michigan in February 2017 during their “Share Your Love” event in Detroit. This visit and meeting the staff and residents of Covenant House really made a huge impact on us. We learned about all the programs Covenant House Michigan offers to homeless youth and we wanted to be a part of it.

We also learned that Covenant House Academy provides an alternative way for someone to obtain a high school diploma and pursue higher education and that they have a prom for the graduating students. GIVE Club™ thought that if we could help eliminate the financial challenge for a student who wanted to attend the prom, then that’s the least we could do if they have already overcome so many other obstacles.

So we’ve been fundraising and asking for gently used prom attire donations for both men and women to help a student who may need a little assistance.

GIVE Club Detroit
A GIVE Club member hands a blessing bag to a community member at Make a Difference Day (2016) in the Cass Corridor neighborhood.
The GIVE Club is always willing to help anyone in need. They are truly making a difference in Detroit and other communities!

GLD: Congratulations on the GIVE Club™ receiving its 501c3 status! What’s next for the GIVE Club™?

Keiona: Thank you! When we started just over a year ago, one of our goals was to become a nonprofit organization with a 501C3 status and we have been fortunate to obtain it this January. We meet monthly and we are still solidifying the projects for the year.

Our next big volunteer effort will coincide with “Make a Difference Day” on October 28, 2017. Please stay tuned by visiting our website:!

To learn more about the GIVE Club™ and their organization, please visit their official website here.

If you would like to learn more about Covenant House Academy or learn how you can help, please visit their official website here.

Special thanks to Keiona Turner and the GIVE Club™ members for contributing to our mini-interview and sharing their volunteer event with Good Life Detroit!



27 thoughts on “Donate Prom Attire to Make a Teen’s Prom Unforgettable

  1. Prom attire has really become a huge deal lately I think social media sites have helped with that. No one wants to feel like they can’t afford to look fab on that day so I think this is great

  2. Pretty awasome program. Kudos and congratulations to them. I think the blessing bags are a great idea too. I heard that one lady keeps a few in her car, so in the event she observes a homeless person, she gives it to them.

  3. I love to see programs like this. This is great work. It means so much for kids who wouldn’t be able to make something like this possible on their own

  4. I think it’s amazing what this club is doing for these kids. It’s nice to be able to attend prom with a lovely gown or suit. It’s one of the highlights of their teen years and it’s going to be possible because of this club!

  5. Prom is costly and I love that communities across the world do events like this to raise money or collect dresses so every child can experience prom and not have to worry.

  6. What a lovely thing for people to come together to do. It is so important for girls to feel valued and beautiful. I absolutely love this and would support something like this.

  7. I love the mission of the GIve Club!! We need to take care of our own and they are definitely doing that. Kudos to you ladies. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love these different efforts! From the hygiene and food packs, down to the prom attire. There are people in need of all kinds of things. Wish I still had my prom attire to donate, but it’s been long gone for 10+ years.

  9. A prom is a one of a kind experience for young kids and I believe no one should be left out just because they can’t afford a dress or a suit. I am happy that Give club makes sure that this does not happen.

  10. Aww that’s so awesome that there are people willing to put something like this together! I think we all want to help donate, sometimes we just don’t have a way and this group makes it possible!

  11. The GIVE Club™ is doing an amazing job! I really hope that they can manage a huge amount of prom attire so everyone in need can get the items needed for the prom.

  12. I’m so glad there are more of these programs now than there were when I was younger. It’s sad that there’s still such a huge need though, but I’m glad help is slowly yet surely coming. I never went to prom, I couldn’t afford it, so it’s awesome that Give Club is helping out!

  13. I love this!! My daughter is 10 so I’m a few years away from prom but this wonderful because we tend to forget everybody is not as fortunate as we are. I will contact them to see how I can donate

    1. Thank you, Tomiko!! Yes, I think many people do sometimes forget about others who are not as fortunate. Plus, prom expenses can get quite high. Any way you can help is greatly appreciated by the GIVE Club and Covenant House Academy!! Thank you!

  14. I love prom events like this. I know a young woman in Dallas doing something similar and I volunteered for an organization similar to this back in college. There is ALWAYS a way for people to get involved and give back. It doesn’t always have to be something messy, and it can still be meaningful.

    1. I agree, Courtney! Sometimes doing the “small things” truly make an impact on our community. That’s terrific your friend in Dallas helps her city like this, too. She’s making a great difference in Dallas! Thank you!

  15. This is absolutely amazing, compassionate work. I have an organization that does similar great deeds such as this and I try to donate clothes, makeup and anything that I don’t need or use. Thank you for highlighting these amazing initiatives.

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