Good Pitch Local Detroit Connecting Storytellers to Change Makers

Last Tuesday, I was invited to attend Good Pitch Local Detroit at The Eastern. If you haven’t heard of Good Pitch before, it’s an international program that is an initiative of Doc Society, – a nonprofit organization that connects documentary filmmakers, journalists, and storytellers to businesses and community leaders.

From my understanding of Good Pitch, they help the creators connect with “change makers” who can help them either complete their project or raise awareness for their project. During the event, about sixteen presenters pitched their projects to the audience. The presenters would also share what it was they needed for their project. It was really fascinating to hear the different projects and the stories the creators wanted to share.

Good Pitch Local Detroit

Many different professionals were in attendance of Good Pitch Local Detroit. After each presentation, a professional would share with the presenter what it is he/she could to help with their project. For instance, one group of filmmakers received a $2,000 donation to help fund their project!

Some professionals offered to provide equipment or even field training for the filmmakers. It was a great way for the filmmakers, journalists, and storytellers to get the contacts, funding, gear, and training they needed to complete their projects.

Good Pitch Local Detroit
Jennifer Washington and Kristian Hill, God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines
Means of Production
Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes, Means of Production

I was able to attend the afternoon session, and it was fascinating to me to learn more about Detroit and see the good work people are doing in the city. I felt a little out of element, though, because I am not a filmmaker or a journalist.

Despite my lack of experience with documentary filmmaking and journalism, I was still very honored to be included in Good Pitch Local Detroit. It was an enriching experience for me because I have always wanted to get back into community work.

When I lived in Tennessee, I volunteered many times in my hometown and also interned at a youth organization in Nashville’s inner city. Attending Good Pitch Detroit was a great way for me to learn more about community needs and how I can contribute.

Good Pitch Local Detroit
Joaquin Alvarado, Studio To Be
Joaquin Alvarado
Mariano Avila, Public Media WGVU / PBS

A little about Good Pitch:

The organization has helped raise more than $29 million for films and campaigns. They have also hosted thirty-five events in sixteen cities and in nine countries. According to Good Pitch Local, the organization was “established in 2017 to help bridge divides and make new alliances that cross sectors and boundaries both real and imagined, working at the state and local level, starting in the United States.”

Good Pitch Local has hosted events in cities such as:

Miami, FL (June 2017)

Durham, NC (October 2017)

Dallas, TX (February 2018)

At the close of the event, Maori Holmes from the BlackStar Film Festival based in Philadelphia and LaTosha Brown from the Southern Documentary Fund based in Atlanta shared with the audience that they will be part of Good Pitch Local events held in their respective cities. As you can see, Good Pitch Local is reaching out to many cities to help filmmakers with their projects.

Detroit Narrative Agency
Paige Watkins, Detroit Narrative Agency
The Story in Waawiiyatanong [Detroit]
The Story in Waawiiyatanong [Detroit]

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All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra.

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