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So long, summer. Hello, autumn days!


  • …if you can’t make it to the entire festival, then you pick a day that you’re able to go and still get to experience some of it
  • …if you are able to make it to the entire festival, you get a very enriching experience (it almost feels like going away on a weekend trip)
  • when you have kids who are sensitive to large crowds, you can pick a festival day/time that won’t be that busy
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival 2019
Hamtramck, Michigan
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival 2019
ABC Computers Detroit
Zephaniah waking from a nap.
  • …heck! When you’re an adult who is sensitive to large crowds, you can pick a festival day/time that won’t be too busy! (Hello, social anxiety! I can relate!)
Hamtramck, Detroit
Travis being silly at the Labor Day Festival.


…if I miss a day of the festival, I can still catch it on a different day.

This happens quite often with our big bunch! Travis and I will make plans to attend a festival with the kids and then something comes up and we can’t make it. We end up going on the last day.

That’s kind of what happened with the Labor Day and Jazz Festival. We had planned on splitting our time between both festivals, but it didn’t turn out that way for us.

plus size summer vintage style
Here’s my outfit for our family time at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival. My skirt is vintage from Mama Coo’s Boutique. My shirt is a thrifted Ralph Lauren blouse, and my sneakers are Nike Air Force 1 ’07. Purse is thrifted, too!
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Travis and I took the kids to the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival over Labor Day weekend.

ON SUNDAY, Travis and I took the kids to the Labor Day Festival, and then on Monday he and I went back to the festival for a date.

As we were walking to the festival, we spotted a mural painted in recognition of Cardinal Jozef Glemp’s visit to Hamtramck on September 23, 1985.

I’m not very familiar with the story behind the mural. I did, however, do a quick search and learn Dennis Orlowski is the artist of the piece.

Hamtramck murals Detroit
Zhen and I looking at the Pope Mark mural in Hamtramck.
Pope Mark Mural Hamtramck
Pope Mark mural by Dennis Orlowski
Hamtramck Pope Mark Mural
“Commemorating the pope’s visit to Hamtramck”


Our time at the festival was a lot of fun. It was a great way to celebrate the end of summer. The kids enjoyed cotton candy, milkshakes, and pizza.

I even caved and bought them one of those light-up glow sticks. I bought the boys a shark one and Zhen wanted the unicorn one, of course.

things to do in Hamtramck, Detroit
Zechariah and Zhen loved their glow sticks.


The next evening, Travis and I headed back to Hamtramck for our date night. First, we ate at Dos Locos Tacos. I love the cute decor and vibrant colors.

Dos Locos Tacos opened in February 2018 and it’s located at 10337 Joseph Campau. It was the perfect spot for us to dine because the restaurant was right down the street from the festival.

Dos Locos Tacos Hamtramck
If you’re looking for a mom-and-pop taco eatery, then give Dos Locos Tacos a try! Not to sound like an ad or anything LOL! It really is good and a fun spot to chill for a short time.
Detroit blogger
Still can’t believe we’ve been married for 8 years!


At Dos Locos Tacos, Travis had the steak burrito and I ate the steak tacos. I think Travis tried every single hot sauce, too. Lol! He said they weren’t that hot, but I saw him break out in a sweat. He can’t fool me! 😉

After dinner, we went back to the festival and enjoyed our time walking around and listening to the different music artists performing. (I’ll be honest– it felt just a little weird that we didn’t have the kids with us.)

I’m going to write a separate blog post about our visit to Dos Locos Tacos. I took A LOT of pictures at the festival and restaurant so I didn’t want to make this post too long. 🙂

Detroit bloggers
A kid-free evening?! Yes, please!
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Of course, I wore a vintage outfit for our date night. What else would I wear? 🙂


  • Hamtramck Yacht Club Canoe Races
  • Polish Day Parade
  • Wrestling
  • (I also forgot my SD card for my Canon camera. Hope my cell photos came out okay!)

When we go to next year’s Labor Day Festival, I’ll make sure to catch these three events. Have you been to any of the Hamtramck Labor Day events?


I’m going to miss the summertime. I love Autumn; it’s the winter that I hate! Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. I don’t particularly care for the winter, most especially Michigan winters.

It gets very cold here (remember the Polar Vortex 2019?) and winter lasts a long time here. It almost feels like it will never end.

Hamtramck, Detroit
Holding hands. Hamtramck, Detroit
Sheefy McFly Detroit
Sheefy McFly. Hamtramck Labor Day Festival.
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival 2019 was a lot of fun. Next year, we’re going to make sure we catch the other events for a full experience of the celebration.

When I lived in Tennessee, I remember Spring started promptly each April. Here? Oh no. It still snows in April in Michigan! LOL! That still blows my mind. So I’m not looking forward to the wintertime.

I do, however, love the snow. That’s the thing– I don’t like the long Michigan winters, but I love Michigan snow. Ha! If I could just have a month of winter with a few snow days sprinkled in, then I’d be good.

*heavy sigh*

So long summer. Hello, Autumn Days!


Martha Washington Bakery
Travis and Zhen in front of the Martha Washington Bakery.
Martha Washington Bakery
Zhen was so amazed by the size of this display cake.
Dos Locos Tacos
“Tacos are Good” #TRUTH
Dos Locos Tacos
Discovering a new taco place!
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival on Monday evening. It had rained really hard about an hour before taking this photo.
There were a few food vendors on-site at the festival.
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
More delicious food at the Labor Day Festival.
Detroit vintage stores
Travis checking out the military vintage styles. He was trying to determine if it was a legit vintage dress greens. Lol!
Detroit clothing vendors
There were a few clothing vendors at the festival.
Detroit art vendors
Artists were also at the festival.
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Fun and unique art.
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Not gonna lie– I had my eye on the Snoop Dogg piece.
Sheefy McFly Detroit
Pretty good sound!
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Feelin’ the music.
Hamtramck Labor Day
These glow stick vendors really know how to tug on your mama heart, don’t they?
street photography detroit
Detroit thrift stores
Travis checking out a thrift store pop-up.
Detroit bloggers
Cannabis clothing
Hamtramc, Detroit
The kids were so excited to find out the carnival sold cotton candy.
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Happy faces!
Detroit family
Zechariah only wanted to eat the blue cotton candy. Lol
Trixie's Bar
Trixie’s Bar
Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Seeing the rock bands made me think of Elijah because he loves rock music.
The Paybacks rock band
I really think Elijah would have loved The Paybacks.
The Paybacks rock band
where to eat in Detroit
Zechariah loves his shark glow stick. Five days later and it’s still his favorite new toy.
Midwest blogger
Uh oh, Mommy!
Hamtramck restaurants
Zhen enjoying her milkshake at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival.

All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.


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