High Tea Party Teaches Women the Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

About two weeks ago, I was invited to a tea party called High Tea. Now, this wasn’t just any tea party. I guess you could call it a tea party with a twist (kind of like Painting with a Twist), only this tea party was all about marijuana!

Did your eyes just widen at my last sentence?

It’s okay if they did. A few of my friends were also amazed when they saw my Instagram Stories of my tea party adventures. One of my friends had messaged me puzzled at seeing women using cannabis at a tea party. “What kind of tea party were you at, Jennifer?”


First things first, I assured my friends everything was legal. In fact, High Tea was held at the Cannabis Counsel P.L.C.in Detroit. If you’re not familiar with the Cannabis Counsel, it is the first and largest Michigan law firm that focuses on cannabis law. According to the law firm’s website, Cannabis Counsel P.L.C. specializes in cannabis law related to business law, criminal defense, intellectual property, municipal law, lobbying, zoning, and other areas. 

Before attending High Tea, I didn’t even know a cannabis-based law firm existed let alone a cannabis law firm housed in Detroit! I learned something new about cannabis right before I stepped inside the building for the tea event. Just one reason why I am so glad I went to the tea party!

Cannabis Counsel® P.L.C
Cannabis Counsel® P.L.C is the first and largest law firm to specialize in cannabis law in the state of Michigan

I let my friends know the tea party was a wonderful event and it helped me learn more information about medical cannabis.

“Ohhh, tell me more!” That was generally the replies I received.

“A tea party with cannabis? This sounds so exciting!”

I had a lovely experience at High Tea. There’s nothing I love more than having a reason to dress up, wear my best makeup, and attend an outing in the city. 😉 It was also my first time attending a tea party so I was super excited to attend Anqunette’s tea party!

High Tea was created and hosted by Anqunette “Q” Sarfoh, the co-founder of BotaniQ in Corktown, Detroit. It was the first cannabis-based tea party Anqunette organized so she limited the invitees to a small amount. The women’s event focused on various topics surrounding the benefits of cannabis for women’s health.

Anqunette Sarfoh, co-founder of BotaniQ, hosted a lovely tea party!


High Tea was a unique way to educate and raise awareness about medical cannabis. Cathleen S. Graham, a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse, led a thoughtful discussion about how cannabis is used to help patients with various health conditions and illnesses. 

Cathleen is also the founder of Cannabis Nurse, an organization that helps provide educational resources on cannabis to patients, physicians, staff, and community agencies. 


The food and tea served at the event were created by Chef Gigi Diaz– the Michigan High Times 2017 Top Cannabis Chef. Chef Gigi is the executive chef for Cannabis Concepts.

Each food item served was made with a low dose of CBD and THC– including the tea. Here are a few photos of the delicious food Chef Gigi created for High Tea.

Chef Gigi serves a cannabis-based tea at the High Tea Party.


During the tea party, Nurse Cathleen discussed how she has witnessed the health benefits of her patients using cannabis. She also took the time to answer questions from guests of the tea party. 

We discussed many health topics such as autism, diabetes, mental health, and women’s health. A few women also shared their personal stories on how cannabis has helped them or a family member with their health needs. 

Q shared how she uses cannabis to help with treating her symptoms from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In 2013, Q was diagnosed with MS. One year after her diagnosis, she made changes to her diet and implemented cannabis into her treatment plan. She found cannabis to be very instrumental in her treatment and Q was soon able to stop taking the nine pharmaceutical medications she was prescribed.


I’ll be honest with you– I was a little nervous about attending the tea party because I didn’t know what to expect. I was also nervous about attending High Tea because I don’t know all of the terminology and different devices used for cannabis. Although I do partake in cannabis for health and personal reasons, I am still learning about medical cannabis.

My nervousness quickly subsided once I walked through the doors of Cannabis Counsel. I was greeted with hugs from Anqunette and Sabina Lone, BotaniQ’s operations manager. The tea party guests were also very friendly and happy to share their experiences with using cannabis for their own health needs. 

For me, High Tea was a safe space to openly discuss a topic that used to be considered a kind of taboo. In the past, marijuana has had a bad reputation, but now things are changing so much. 

I think the big reason for this major shift in the cannabis community is education. More health professionals like Nurse Cathleen and community leaders like Anqunette are speaking up and advocating for cannabis. More people are taking the time to self-educate, as well. 

Karen Kellems Bailey
Karen Kellems Bailey created the beautiful, handmade invitations for High Tea.
BotaniQ Detroit
Rachel, BotaniQ budtender, shows me how to use a Kromedome glass rig.
Kromedome glass rig
Kromedome Glass Rig


If a year ago you were to ask me my thoughts on cannabis, I probably would have told you I didn’t understand how it’s considered medicine and I don’t use it.

Once I took the time to learn more about cannabis and its health benefits, my viewpoints quickly changed. I have made it a part of my healthcare routine. I have been researching how cannabis can help with my anxiety disorder and chronic back pain.

I have used CBD oil (which is hemp-based and legal in all 50 states) for anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and menstrual cramps. I have also used cannabis to provide relief for my chronic back pain. (I experience severe back pain on a weekly basis.) Both types have been very helpful to me.

SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately, according to the state of Michigan, anxiety is not a qualifying health condition to receive a medical cannabis card. Chronic pain is a qualifying condition, though. I am hoping with more medical research the state will amend its decision and add anxiety to the list.  

You can read more here about medical conditions that qualify you for medical cannabis in Michigan.
BotaniQ Detroit
Sabina Lone is the Operations Manager at BotaniQ and a strong advocate for medical cannabis.
BotaniQ Detroit
BotaniQ Detroit
The goodies from my gift bag.
So far, my favorites are the KIVA chocolate, CBD oil, and the vape pen.

High Tea was an event that I felt passionate about attending because I wanted to help share Q’s story and I also wanted to learn more about how cannabis can help my health needs. As I shared in my Instagram post on Sunday, I felt more aware and empowered walking away from the event.

Education on cannabis is key. It dispels the myths of cannabis and relieves the fears we may have about it. Attending events like High Tea gives cannabis advocates the chance to share their stories and help create a positive viewpoint on the use of medical cannabis.

Special thanks to Anqunette Sarfoh and Sabina Lone for inviting me to BotaniQ’s High Tea event! 

Visit BotaniQ’s official website for more information about cannabis wellness. All images are courtesy of Good Life Detroit.

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