‘Open Me When’ You Need a Little Help Finding the Perfect Gift

November 2017


After the Thanksgiving parade, I was walking with Elijah and his friend Paul in Downtown Detroit’s Campus Martius city park. We were walking back to my van to head home. As we passed by Cadillac Square, I noticed what looked like mini-glass huts. “What is this?” I asked Elijah and Paul. I hadn’t heard anything about it so I didn’t know what was up with the glass buildings. Curious to know more, we went over to Cadillac Square to check out the buildings.

Cadillac Square Holiday Market

Turned out it was the Cadillac Square Holiday Market— a marketplace for shoppers to buy gifts from local businesses like Detroit Hustles Harder and Somerset Children’s Collection. “I love this!” I exclaimed as I walked through the marketplace. “It’s such a cool idea to do for the holidays.”

Cadillac Holiday Market is located in Campus Martius in Downtown Detroit.

Since it was Thanksgiving Day, not every pop-up shop was open. There were a few shops open, though, and one shop, in particular, I couldn’t resist to check out— Open Me When. I was very fascinated by Open Me When’s concept of curating gifts and arranging them into a gift box. I really think you’re going to love it, too!


But First, Let’s Talk About Open Me When’s Irresistible Signature Scent

As soon as I walked into the Open Me When glass shop, I instantly smelled a very sweet aroma. I asked Beatrice Wolnerman, the founder and co-owner of Open Me When, what was the scent I was smelling because I wanted it! That’s how good it smells, you guys.

And let me tell you, I was not the only one who fell instantly for Open Me When’s scent. As I was looking around in the pop-up shop, almost every customer who walked into Open Me When asked, “What is that smell? It smells so good!”

Beatrice smiled and told each person who asked the irresistible, sweet fragrance was Open Me When’s signature scent created by Detroit Wick.

Open Me When collaborated with Doug Schwartz of Detroit Wick to create a custom scent for all of the gift boxes. Each gift box is sprayed with the signature scent. The signature scent has become so popular with customers that Open Me When is having candles made of the scent.

The candles will be available for purchase in the coming weeks, and when they do, I’m telling, you guys, I’m buying one for my home and also for Christmas gifts.

Beatrice and Eli Wolnerman, owners of Open Me When
Open Me When gift box


Open Me When Is On the Rise!

Beatrice co-owns Open Me When with her husband Eli. The Wolnerman’s launched their business in August 2017 and it is becoming very popular with Detroiters and customers from all over. In fact, before the start-up business launched, they filled their first big order to the Detroit Pistons! You can read about their exciting collaboration with the Detroit professional basketball team here.

Open Me When has also been featured in Glamour UK’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide and the business also featured in GQ and Vogue magazines!

Open Me When’s first order was with the Detroit Pistons!


How Open Me When Works

There are seven preset themes which finish the sentence “Open Me When…”, for instance, “Open me when you’re going for the gold.” All you have to do is select the gift box for the special occasion.








You can also request a customized gift order. Open Me When will work with you to help you create a special gift for any event or occasion.

Michigan Box from Open Me When
Open Me When Detroit
Detroit Box from Open Me When


Personalized Gifts 

Open Me When individually wraps each gift and includes a story on the back of the gift. The story tells the recipient a story about the gifts and why it is so special and unique. A handwritten note written by Beatrice is also included in the gift box.

When Beatrice, Eli, and her mom filled their big Detroit Pistons order, Beatrice had written all of the 275 notes!


All Locations Are Welcome to Place An Order

You don’t have to be a Detroiter to order from Open Me When. The gift company also works with customers from all over the world.

You can order a gift box online and the company will ship it directly to your home or the address of your choice.

Open Me When Detroit


Open Me When At Cadillac Square Holiday Market

If you will be in Downtown Detroit this holiday season, make sure to check out Open Me When at the Cadillac Square Holiday Market! You can pick up a premade gift box at the pop-up shop or talk to Beatrice and Eli about ordering a customized gift box for your loved one.

Market days and times are as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sundays from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Open Me When Detroit


Fall Box Promotion: Detroit Pistons VIP Experience

Open Me When is currently having a contest for their Fall Box. When you buy a Fall Box, you will be entered into a raffle to win two tickets to the Detroit Pistons basketball game on December 17, 2017.

The seats are floor seats right next to the Pistons! This special also includes VIP club access, unlimited food and drinks, and parking. The raffle will be held on November 30th so place your orders now!


Visit Open Me When’s website to learn more about how you can place a gift order for your loved one or company brand.




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