How I Use My DFCUPerks App When I’m on the Go

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How’s your summer been going so far? Have you had a chance to attend any summer events or do some shopping?

So far, this summer has been a blast and I’ve been enjoying my time with family and hanging out at my favorite Detroit venues. I’ve even been enjoying a little summer shopping and finding great deals on my favorite styles

Speaking of finding great deals, I’ve still been using my DFCUPerks app to discover new businesses and to get discounts. It has been a great value for my shopping experience, especially when I am on the go. I either receive alerts to my phone on local deals or I manually enter certain keywords to find participating businesses.

There are a three ways I’ve been using the app while on the go:

  • Deal alerts sent to my cellphone
  • Using the app’s search function to locate deals in a specific location
  • Typing in a specific keyword to find a deal

I’ll go into more detail below how I use each way listed above to find deals with my DFCUPerks app.

DFCU Financial DFCUPerks
I’ve still been using my DFCUPerks app to discover new businesses and to get discounts!
Photography by Jason Walker Photography


One feature of the DFCUPerks app that has really helped me find discounts in Detroit is the deal alert. Whenever I sign in to my DFCUPerks account, the app will send me an alert of a nearby deal. 

Here’s how it works:

As you’re heading out to shop, sign in to your DFCUPerks app. When you travel to a different location, your app will alert you of deals in the nearby area. 

For example, when Travis and I were driving down Woodward Avenue in Detroit, my DFCUPerks app alerted me of a deal at Checkers. It was perfect timing, too, because we had just come back from an event and I was so hungry!

(With your DFCUPerks app, you can a free Big Buford burger with the purchase of another one for equal or greater value.)

DFCU Financial DFCUPerks App
When Travis and I were driving down Woodward Avenue in Detroit, my DFCUPerks app alerted me of a deal at Checkers.
DFCUPerks App
Right after we arrived at Checkers, I received another DFCUPerks alert for Passport Pizza on Woodward Avenue.


Another way I find local deals on my DFCUPerks app is I search for a specific location. It’s super easy! From your app, you want to click on the magnifying glass symbol (which stands for “search”) and type in the location. 

In the example below, I typed “Detroit” to find deals in the city. The app instantly displayed a list of Detroit businesses that are offering deals through DFCUPerks. 

DFCUPerks App Detroit
Here are a few businesses that popped up on my DFCUPerks App when I typed in the city name “Detroit.”


The third way I use my DFCUPerks app on the go is by using the keyword function. You can type in a keyword such as “coffee” and the app will list businesses that offer a deal on coffee.

As you will see in the below picture, when I typed in the keyword “coffee”, the app gave me a list of coffee shops in Detroit that are offering deals. This is helpful for me when I am out and about in the city and need to make a coffee run!

DFCUPerks App Detroit
Here are the coffee businesses that displayed after I typed in the keyword “coffee.”

A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find The TEN Nail Bar listed on the DFCUPerks app! My phone had sent me an alert for The TEN and it has been one of my favorite places to go this summer.

I definitely took advantage of the app coupon to The TEN and I got my nails done for the 4th of July. I even made a followup appointment to get my nails done at the New Center location (The TEN’s new location in Detroit). The coupon featured on the DFCUPerks app is a 10% off services coupon!

DFCUPerks App Detroit
The TEN Nail Bar Detroit
Since discovering the TEN Nail Bar is a participating business on the DFCUPerks App, I have become a regular this summer! 🙂
Detroit Never Stops
Lovin’ my new Gel Manicure from The TEN Nail Bar. I used my DFCUPerks app to get a discount on my purchase!


DFCU Financial launched two new checking accounts called DFCUPerks and DFUCPerks Plus. In order for you to have the DFCUPerks benefits, you will need to sign up for one of the DFUCPerks checking accounts.

It’s really easy to set up your checking account with DFCU. You can talk to a DFCU representative on the phone at 1-888-336-2700 or connect with DFCU in-person at your nearest branch.

DFCU members over the age of 18 can open a DFCUPerks or DFCUPerksPlus account. However, the Club, Conservator, Estate, Representative Payee, or Irrevocable Living Trust accounts are not eligible for DFCUPerks or DFCUSPerksPlus.

You can find out more about DFCUPerks and DFCUPerksPlus at www.dfcufinancial.com.


All photographs are courtesy of Good Life Detroit.

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