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By Jenna Hage Hassan, Founder and CEO of Kee Mobile App

As a team, we at Kee share a desire to connect people and facilitate real-life experiences—it’s the driving purpose behind everything we do.

When four individuals establish a company around an idea, it is not clear where the individuals end and the idea embodied in the institution begins. As individuals, I respect, admire, and sincerely enjoy spending time with each member of my team. I would have chosen each one of them to be my friend even if we never started a company together—but I have plenty of friends that I would not work with.

Behind the team at Kee and the ideas embodied in this product we’re building are the life philosophies of each of us.

Jenna Hage Hassan, Founder of the Kee Mobile App


Mainly, each of us is driven by the desire to connect people, to help them develop real relationships, to create and facilitate experiences, and to make markets more efficient. That last point may sound like a stretch, but in fact it is not. Connecting businesses to customers and customers to businesses are what everyone seeks as they go about their daily lives.

I cannot state this strongly enough — our team and Kee connect people, develop relationships, create experiences, and connect businesses and consumers.

Getting even more philosophical (and more than a little cliché), I believe that while we are alive we have an obligation to live a full life as each of us defines for herself or himself what that is. What gives our lives the most meaning are those whom we love, the people that we meet and connect with—even if just in passing—and the experiences that we live.

These connections are as intimate as parents, siblings, children, spouses, and best friends, but they are also strangers with whom we share a moment, no matter how brief. We all have had these experiences; it might be someone next to you at a Starbucks that you spoke with briefly, or it might be a person you talked to at the gym.

“As a team, we at Kee share a desire to connect people and facilitate real-life experiences—it’s the driving purpose behind everything we do.”


It may even be someone that you sat next to on a flight. You may never have chosen to sit next to this person, and life’s circumstances would have otherwise kept you from meeting, but you shared one of the most fascinating and engaging conversations for hours on end.

Statistically, each of us will spend 70-plus years living on earth, and I personally want to enjoy deep relationships, fun relationships, and even chance encounters with interesting people. I want to have experiences ranging from museum visits to traveling to the most remote places and everything in between.

Kee is driven to connect people and create experiences. This core philosophy is why I get along so well with my colleagues—and the fact that we live and breathe this philosophy is why Kee is the best tool for users to connect, manage, and live.

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