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Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital Creates New, Interactive Walking Path for Expectant Mothers

If you’re a mom-to-be and currently planning your labor and birth, then you may find this information interesting. Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital recently created an interactive walking path for expectant mothers who are in the early stages of labor.

Madonna Ladouceur, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Harris Birthing Center at Huron Valley-Sinai Hosptial, believes the new walking path is “ideal for women who come in with early labor.”

“It can help with pain management” Ladoceur explained. “It can help get the baby into the ideal position, therefore, making active labor even faster and it can help staff determine if it’s safe for expectant mothers to go home.”

Madonna Ladouceur installs a walking path sign at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.


Eight activity stations can be found throughout the hospital, about every 50-100 feet along the walking path. Moms can stop and perform a suggested activity or watch a video. After walking the interactive walking path, moms and their supportive partner will then head back to the birthing center.

Here are a few exercises featured on the walking path:

  • squats or lunges
  • meditation video
  • introduction of a lactation consultant
  • maternal support video
  • hydration station

Symbols are also placed on the wall for expectant mothers to follow. According to the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), studies show women who remain active in early labor have shorter overall labor and better delivery experiences.

The DMC also states walking can help reduce the chances of a cesarean section because of less time spent in bed.

“Our staff does such a wonderful job of making Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital and safe and welcoming place for women to give birth,” said Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital CEO Karima Bentounsi. “This new initiative will help women along in their journey and prepare for that marathon of labor.”

Visit the Detroit Medical Center’s official website for more information about Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.


All images courtesy of the DMC. Feature image courtesy of Heather Mount.

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