Detroit Singer C3 Talks New Song ‘Games’ and Inspiring Fans Through His Music

I’m sitting in my basement on the phone with new, up-and-coming Detroit singer Charles “C3” Laster III. The singer reached out to me via Instagram to share his new song “Games”.

After listening to it one time on Spotify, I immediately DM’d C3 to ask if he’d like to do an interview for the blog. I loved the song “Games” so much that I just had to connect with C3 and learn more about his music.

One thing that struck me the most about C3 is he appears to be very humble. Yeah, he loves music and is passionate about making it in the business, but through his social media posts you can tell he strives hard to keep God first.

That’s what C3 is all about: faith, music, and lifting people up. “I want to relate to people,” he says. “My purpose is to help [people] and…relate to them. The main focus of my music is to inspire and uplift people.”

His life motto? Live, love, and inspire.

When you look at C3’s Instagram account, you will find many photographs offering inspirational messages.

“I will never look back and always keep my eyes on the prize. This week is about focus,” reads one of his Instagram posts.

The 25-year-old singer and songwriter isn’t afraid to share his faith with others and gives God praise for his musical journey and success.

“I just feel like my gift comes from God. I wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff that I do without Him,” C3 says. “My main focus is to inspire people because I’ve been at a place where I didn’t want to pursue music. It was a very short time, but I was there. Music was my outlet and I found that was my purpose.”

Born in Detroit and raised in the suburbs, C3 says he got his start in music as soon as he entered this world. His family has strong gospel music roots, and his father, Mr. Charles Laster II, is also a gospel music artist.

At the young age of 5, C3 sang on his first record with his father. By age 12, he was leading praise and worship at his church. Aside from singing, C3 also plays several instruments such as the drums and the piano.

In 2013, the young artist made it to X-Factor, the famous music competition show created and produced by celebrity judge Simon Cowell (American Idol). C3’s time on the show inspired him to continue working on his music career.

After his experience on X-Factor, C3 enrolled in the Detroit Institute of Music Education and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in creative studies.

The first time I heard C3’s new song “Games”, I was instantly hooked. It has a catchy 90s vibe to it, which was exactly his intent for the love song. “I was going for a late 80s, early 90s feel,” C3 explains.

“I always write music based on what I go through in my life.” For the song “Games”, C3 used a past relationship as the inspiration for the song. “I just took a relationship I had in my life,” he explains.

“I was kind of like the game player. Not like a cheater or being disloyal. It was just a thing a lot of people go through in relationships. One minute you’re on. One minute you’re off.”

After reflecting on how much he has grown as a person, C3 said his song “Games” made him ask the question: “Why do we have to play those games in relationships? Let’s just be each other– be who we are.”

Describing his music as a mix of R&B, funk, and pop, C3’s musical influences are legendary singers James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Prince. Modern artists like Chris Brown and Justin Beiber have also inspired C3 as an artist.

Sometime this summer, C3 hopes to drop his first album– a self-titled EP which will feature six songs. He also wrote and produced all of the songs on the album.

While you wait for the release of C3’s first album, you can catch him at a few performances in the city. On May 4th, C3 and his band Third Generation will compete in the PBS talent search “Celebration of Music”.

“I refuse to be in the same place I’m in this time next year,” C3 writes on a recent Instagram post. “Faith without works is lifeless and I refuse to have dead faith. I thank God for my gift and talents everyday and I plan to honor Him all the days of my life.”

With such a positive attitude and strong faith, I have a feeling God has something great in store for C3!


Special thanks to Detroit artist C3 for taking the time to interview with Good Life Detroit. Follow C3 on Instagram here and make sure you check out his music and upcoming shows on his official website!

Feature image and all photographs credit to Amari Little.


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