Interview with Erin Gavle – Founder of Spring Into Corktown

Corktown – Detroit’s oldest neighborhood is in store for an exciting event this coming weekend (May 20, 2017)! Spring Into Corktown is a new event created by Erin Gavle, owner of Eldorado General Store and founder of Spring into Corktown, which celebrates community and welcomes the spring season. Today we’re sharing a mini-interview with Erin to learn more about Spring Into Corktown and how it will have a positive impact on the City of Detroit.

In our previous post, we shared the exciting news of the event Spring Into Corktown. The Corktown Business Association, Eldorado General Store, Hatch Detroit, MotorCity Casino and Hotel, Strategic Staffing Solutions and other local businesses are hosting the spring event on Saturday, May 20, 2017, in Detroit’s historic Corktown.

The event will kick off with Motor City Makeover, a volunteer community project created to help beautify Corktown. Guests can expect a fun-filled day of free fitness classes (such as yoga with Citizen Yoga), family-themed activities (Kid’s Corner), shopping, dining, and touring the beautiful Corktown.

Read Spring Into Corktown Celebrates Community and Springtime for the details on the spring celebration and a listing of the schedule of events.

Spring Into Corktown
Spring Into Corktown will be held on Saturday, May 20, 2017 beginning at 9 a.m.!


Meet the Founder of Spring Into Corktown

Erin Gavle, owner of Eldorado General Store, founded the Spring Into Corktown event. Erin was very kind to answer a few questions via email for a mini-interview with Good Life Detroit. She shared with us what Spring Into Corktown is all about and her love for Detroit.

founder of spring into corktown
Erin Gavle, owner of Eldorado General Store and founder of the Spring Into Corktown event. (Photo courtesy Eldorado General Store)


Good Life Detroit (GLD): Who created Spring into Corktown? 

Erin Gavle: Spring Into Corktown was created by a handful of really dedicated Corktown business owners and community leaders. There’s so many activities happening throughout the day – it’s really been a team effort.  We’re so excited to share this all day neighborhood-wide event with our friends and community.


GLD: Why was Spring into Corktown created? 

Erin: Spring Into Corktown was created to tie the businesses and residents of Corktown together and to reinforce the strengths of our neighborhood and community.

It’s a day to highlight our milestones and successes.  Corktown is an amazing neighborhood that continues to see new businesses pop up and more faces move into the neighborhood.  Our goal is to show both residents and visitors what we’ve been up to and have them participate in the positive momentum we’re creating.

GLD: Do you hope to make Spring into Corktown an annual event? Why? 

Erin: During the holidays we created the first neighborhood-wide event called Corktown-A-Glow. It was a huge success and we are focusing on continuing these types of family-friendly experiences for years to come.
Founder of Spring Into Corktown
Eldorado General Store is located in Corktown at 1700 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216. (Photo courtesy Eldorado Genearl Store)


GLD: Will the location of the Motor City Makeover be at Roosevelt Park only or will it extend to multiple locations? 

Erin: The Motor City Makeover check-in is at Roosevelt Park with free DIB bagels and coffee. From there, volunteers will disperse throughout the neighborhood to designated locations to help plant flowers, pick up trash and beautify Corktown.


GLD: Why did you choose the location(s) of the Motor City Makeover? 

Erin: We identified places that needed a little more love – we’re still a growing neighborhood and have lots to continue to improve on but we picked places where planting flowers would brighten streets and parks and ultimately encourage more walkability and pedestrian forward mentalities.


 GLD: After visitors attend the Spring into Corktown event, what action do you hope they will take? 
Erin: This is an event that brings the community together. Spring Into Corktown was created to give residents and visitors to Corktown a way to showcase how truly special this community is and how we support businesses, activate spaces, and continue to grow the neighborhood.  Perhaps it’s strolling through a new park, finding a favorite store, or trying a new meal, we want to give people chances to have memorable experiences.

GLD: What do you love about Detroit? 

Erin: I’m so passionate about the business community here. It’s a camaraderie and a support system. Three years ago, when I opened the doors of Eldorado I was overwhelmed with how supportive my neighbors and fellow Detroit Business Owners were. We want to see people succeed here. And we know that starts with each of us.

This type of environment is unlike any place I’ve been and I’m working hard to continue to instill these ideals and community spirit as we grow our neighborhood and city.

I also love that in Detroit you are empowered to be the change. Yes, we want people to say nice things about Detroit, but it’s crucial that we provide experiences for people to say nice things about.

founder of spring into corktown
Erin Gavle, owner of Eldorado General Store and founder of Spring into Corktwon. (Photo courtesy Eldorado General Store)

Spring Into Corktown will be on Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Corktown, Detroit.

For more information about the Spring Into Corktown event, visit the official Facebook event page.


Special thanks to Erin Gavle for answering our questions for a mini-interview with Good Life Detroit! 


Eldorado General Store

1700 Michigan Ave

Detroit, MI 48216

(313) 784 9220

Hours: Sunday – Saturday 12 – 6 P.M.



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