January 2020 Photo Challenge: 31 Days of Photo Ideas

Check out our January Photo Challenge down below for 31 fun January photo ideas!

Social media photo challenges are one of my favorite things to do on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because it’s a great way to connect with other photography lovers! A photo challenge can also spark creativity when you think of new ways to capture that perfect picture moment.

January photo ideas
Photo by Annie Spratt
January photo challenge
Day 9 Photo Challenge Idea: Pine Cones | Photo by Aaron Burden
January photo challenge
Day 22 Photo Challenge Idea: Nails | Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

A few things to keep in mind when participating in a photo challenge:

  1. USE A UNIQUE HASHTAG! If you are the creator of a photo challenge, create a hashtag that is unique to your challenge. This way your followers can see all of the photos submitted and also connect with other photographers.
  2. USE OTHER RELEVANT HASHTAGS! Do a quick research on Instagram and Twitter to find relevant hashtags to use for your images. For instance, if your photo is of a New Year selfie, then use the hashtags #NewYearSelfie #selfiepic #selfiegamestrong. This also a great way to boost your photo and connect with more potential followers.
  3. TAG RELEVANT BRANDS/ORGANIZATIONS! Say your photo challenge photo of the day is of a beautiful city attraction in your local area. Tag your local visitor’s bureau or another city-based organization. One time I tagged a photo to a local city brand and it helped get my photo featured on their Instagram!
  4. SHARE YOUR PHOTOS ON IG STORIES! Even though Instagram Stories is a feature of Instagram, and almost acts as its own platform because you can reach your followers and new followers in more ways! So share your photo challenge photos to your IG Stories and don’t forget to add your hashtag and location to broaden your reach!
  5. HAVE FUN! It’s all fun! Don’t stress about it or overthink your photo or captions. Have fun with it and enjoy making new friends on social media!
Day 15 Photo Challenge Idea: Hairstyle | Photo courtesy Atlanta Hairstylist Tammie Allen at www.sheworecurls.com
Day 24 Photo Challenge Idea: Fashion | Photo courtesy Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit


Day 29 Photo Challenge Idea: Street Art | Photo by Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit
Day 20 Photo Challenge Idea: Martin Luther King, Jr. | Photo courtesy brides.com
Day 11 Photo Challenge Idea: Cozy Sweater | Photo by Brandon Martinelli on Unsplash


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