There’s a popular saying that January feels like a very long year.

Although it has thirty-one days like July, August, October, and December, January always feels as if it’s the longest month of the year to me.

Do you feel this way about January, too?

I used to dread January because of how slow the month goes by. Plus, I get seasonal depression and the winter season can feel heavy at times to me.

January's Focus: Embracing the Slow Season

But I decided to try a different approach for January and focus on embracing this slow season.

Here are a few things I’m focusing on in January:

  • Embracing the slow season
  • Listening to my mind/body when I need to rest
  • Meditate and pray
  • Practice daily yoga (even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day)
  • Journaling (I try journal before bed each night.)
  • Spend time with my family
  • Spending less time on social media and read more books (or just read more)
January's Focus: Embracing the Slow Season

And I have to say I’m proud of myself because I got a head start on preparing for January.

Last summer, I made a big decision to start practicing mindful/slow living as part of my spiritual practice and daily lifestyle. It’s a journey I’m grateful to have started and it has helped me find my faith again.

I started off by making a few simple lifestyle changes such as starting a new morning routine, taking daily meditation walks, making time for daily prayer, practicing daily yoga for at least 10 minutes, and journaling a few times a week. 

I even made a few healthy changes to my diet a few months ago. I drink herbal tea and water regularly. No more pop or juices! I swapped sugar for honey. I buy my family’s produce fresh from the farmers market or a local market that sells quality foods.

There are a few other dietary changes that I’m still working on, but I’m taking it slow and making these changes one step at a time. I don’t want to overwhelm myself or possibly set myself up for not following through with the new changes. 

January's Focus: Embracing the Slow Season

I could go on and on about all of the exciting changes I’ve been working on within the past year, but I’ll save those other thoughts and words for another day (and blog post perhaps!).

To conclude, January’s focus is to embrace the slow season, to really dig deep. Focus on the people and things that bring me joy. To focus on more rest and to focus on mindful, slow living.

Because once the weather warms up and it’s late spring and summertime, it’s go go go!

Belle Isle Conservancy Detroit, Michigan

And I know by embracing the slow season, it will equip me with the insight and tools that I need for when things do get busy– listen to my body/mind and understand when I need to slow down and rest. 

Happy January! And Happy New Year. 2023.

What are you focusing on in January?

Photography Credit: All photographs were captured at Belle Isle Conservancy in Detroit, Michigan and are courtesy of J. Hamra for Good Life Detroit.

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Jennifer Hamra

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