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Jazz Brunch Sunday at The Apparatus Room

Disclaimer: The Detroit Foundation Hotel invited Good Life Detroit to visit the Jazz Brunch event. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Read our disclosure policy here.

Have you had brunch at the Detroit Foundation Hotel’s Jazz Brunch Sunday event? Travis and I went a couple of Sundays ago and we had the best time!

I’m already a huge jazz lover so the Detroit Foundation Hotel’s Jazz Brunch Sunday series was on my list to try. Travis and I had attended the Foundation After Dark event a few weeks ago, too, and we were so impressed with the hotel’s beautiful design and the music scene.

I love the beautiful designs and decor at the Detroit Foundation Hotel!
Photo from my time at the Foundation After Dark event at The Apparatus Room.

If you’re not familiar with Foundation After Dark, it happens every Thursday night at The Apparatus Room. A special musical guest performs at the event and the cover is free! It’s perfect for a date night or to just chill and hang out with friends.

During Foundation After Dark, the kitchen is open for appetizers and dinner or you can simply enjoy a yummy dessert with your favorite drink. It was also very easy to find parking near the hotel!

The weekend brunch scene at The Apparatus Room has also become a favorite Detroit hot spot. The Jazz Brunch Sunday series features a jazz artist or group who performs live during brunch.

For brunch, Travis ordered the House Blend Prime Burger and I ordered the Blueberry Sourdough Pancakes with a Mimosa. Our food was SO good! It was just lovely to dine together while listening to the soothing jazz sounds from the main stage.


The blending of modern designs with the historic firehouse is just beautiful. We were seated next to an old fireman’s pole and I just thought it was the coolest thing!

We found the guest service to be friendly and helpful.

We like the menu prices for the meal options.

If you’re a big social media lover, then you will find the hotel and The Apparatus Room to be Instagram-worthy.

If you have a quick question about the hotel or events, you can hop online and use the chat feature. I used it a few weeks ago to ask about making reservations for brunch and I found the service to be very helpful.

Parking is easy to find. Of course, keep in mind if there’s an event going on downtown, then parking may be a bit of a challenge.

Also, it’s strongly recommended you make a reservation for brunch because it’s a very popular venue. All you do is call the Detroit Foundation Hotel at (313) 915-4422 to schedule your reservation.

Something new I found out today, actually, is Forbes listed The Apparatus Room on their “100 Best Restaurants for a Big Night Out in America”. Impressive! So now you really have to go check it out for yourself!

After discovering my newfound love for Detroit-style brunch, I have added the Detroit Foundation Hotel’s Jazz Brunch Sunday event to our go-to brunch spots!

What do you love about brunching in Detroit?

Special thanks to the Detroit Foundation Hotel for hosting Travis and I at the Sunday Jazz Brunch series! To learn more about the hotel’s weekend brunch and other hotel information, visit the Detroit Foundation Hotel’s official website here.


All photos are courtesy of Good Life Detroit

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