Kee Mobile App: A New Source of Prosperity for Detroit

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By Thomas Herd

Planning exciting activities and meeting like-minded people has never been easier in Detroit. 

Now thanks to the popular local mobile application Kee App, users can immediately discover the city’s most unique and trending attractions, identify other people who share the same interests, and seamlessly plan and slot events in the integrated calendar Kee offers. 

But these are just the start of the benefits Kee entails.

“Planning exciting activities and meeting like-minded people has never been easier in Detroit!”

For small businesses, Kee opens the door to learn about local consumer interests and plan product offers, events, and experiences that will satiate local demand. In an era where small businesses find it harder than ever to retain local consumer bases, this is an enormous breakthrough. 

According to CEO and founder Jenna Hage Hassan, “Our idea for Kee was born out of a desire to make the experience of stepping into a local brick-and-mortar businesses easier.  A good chunk of small businesses, particularly in Detroit, don’t have a web presence.  We notice quite a few of them spray painting signs and plywood to put outside their establishments during peak hours to help bring in traffic.  We set out to bridge this divide with Kee—to make it easier for small businesses to use technology to drive traffic, while providing people with the community-based interaction they crave.” 

Kee Mobile App CEO & Founder Jenna Hage Hassan

Through the process, Kee is creating both a more expansive as well as a more efficient marketplace in Detroit.

With 124 businesses already signed up and users growing by the day, look for Kee to become a primary driver of city’s new prosperity. 

All photos are courtesy of Kee Mobile App.

For more information about Kee Mobile App, please visit their official website by clicking HERE.


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