Introducing a Fresh Marketplace of Ideas to Detroit Amidst the Rebirth: An Introduction to the Kee Mobile App

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The innovative Kee application was founded on our shared desires to connect people and facilitate a more efficient marketplace for business and consumers. This is what drives each member of our team to come in and give it their all every day—and this is the guiding philosophy behind our flagship product: Kee.

But what do we mean by this — and what does it mean for you? What tangible difference will it make in your life?


There is a bit of grey area surrounding the question of when the first “smartphone” was invented. Telecomputing devices began to appear in the market in the 1990s, with IBM’s Simon being released in 1994, and Ericsson’s R380, a phone that would be more recognizable to us today, following in the year 2000.

The rest of the story is history as they say, with the first iPhone being introduced in 2007.

These phones look sleek, and societal pressure to keep up appearances has us trading in our devices once a year, sometimes more.

With all the focus on how big our screens are, how many pixels our camera is, and what color the back of our latest handset is, we have really lost sight of what the device was intended to do in the first place.

The smartphone should serve two primary purposes:

⦁ to curtail distances between users by making communication look and feel face-to-face
⦁ to assist the user in planning and managing their life.

It was, after all, intended to be a PDA and a phone in one. While, at first glance, our modern iterations of these phones may seem to be serving their intended purposes, there is a great deal of room for improvement, and that is where Kee comes in.

Kee Mobile App Founder, Jenna Hage Hassan


What do I mean by this; what are the shortfalls of current phones? Think about it for a second. The device you hold in your hand — the one you check every few minutes for text messages or social media notifications and to send your friends snaps of your lunch on — was supposed to make it more convenient for you to talk to and make plans with these friends. We spend more time planning our plans than ever — a task that was supposed to be performed by the phone to begin with.

Today, we devote a good chunk of money to purchase these devices. We then spend a good chunk of our time on them. So, we spend money and time on these phones that we buy to help us manage our lives so that we can have more time for the things and people we love. It’s a vicious cycle—and as a society we’re more connected, yet lonelier than ever.

Kee creates two things to alleviate this: real person-to-person connections, and a more efficient marketplace for businesses and consumers. I can further compound the two driving principles down to one.

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With Kee, our primary goal is to create a more efficient marketplace. A marketplace for what? For everything.

A marketplace of ideas, where you can meet friends and talk about the prevailing topics of your time, be they political, philosophical, entertainment, or otherwise.

A marketplace of community, where you can check out what’s going on at that hometown museum you’ve never made it to.

A marketplace of relationships, where you can finally ask your local barista about that tattoo you see on their forearm every morning that you’ve always been curious about.

And yes, a marketplace of goods and services: One where you can participate in a fair market that facilitates the purchase of everyday items that you need and use.

How do we plan to accomplish this? Again, these phones that we rely on for nearly everything were supposed to help us spend less time planning and more time living.

Instead of letting the phone take the reins, we have shifted to a lifestyle where we spend most of our time looking down at our screens. With Kee, we want to encourage our users to spend less time looking down and more time looking up.

Kee App

By using the Kee time management app for iPhone you can find fun and local social events to participate in. This smart task management app for iPhone gives you the ability to fill your day with some great activities. Now you can finally know everything that is going on in Detroit!


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