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Love Notes

My teen daughter Michala (17) is a creative. She enjoys coloring, sketching, and writing. She has journals filled with short stories she has written, many of which she’s too shy to let me read (LOL).

Creating art through her drawings and writings has become more than a hobby to her. It is an outlet for when she needs to unplug and it is something that brings her great joy, especially when she creates for the people she loves.

A few months ago, Michala was browsing Pinterest and she discovered a pin of a calligraphy quote on her home page. The creative writing really caught her eye so she clicked on it to take a closer look at it.

Michala loved how the different fonts were combined to create a design so she decided to give it a try and create her own calligraphy quotes.

She started out by searching for more calligraphy quotes on Pinterest to practice her calligraphy writing. Soon she was able to freehand the quotes just by looking at the pictures!

Calligraphy Quote by Michala

When Michala showed me her first calligraphy quote creation, I thought it was absolutely beautiful! I was just blown away by how she was able to look at a picture of a quote and then freehand it.

Calligraphy writing has now become a fun hobby for Michala. She told me she enjoys creating calligraphy quotes because it makes her happy and it brightens her day when she makes a an inspirational quote.

By Michala
By Michala

She also started creating these magnificent drawings for me! I begin my day an hour or two before all of my children wake up. Sometimes when I sit down at my work table I’ll find a Post It note with an inspirational quote Michala made for me.

It’s always makes me smile to know she thought of me and wants to encourage me to have a good day.

A collection of notes Michala made for me.
A sweet Valentine’s note by Michala

I save many of her creations in a box. I’d like to create something with her quotes. Maybe take a bunch of Post It notes to create a bigger picture and frame it? I’m not sure yet.

For now, I have put a few of her quotes around the house in random places. It’s always nice to see Michala’s love notes displayed throughout our home.

A calligraphy drawing Michala made for Travis and I on our 7th wedding anniversary.

I kind of look at it like this: when Michala was little, I’d put up her school artwork on our refrigerator. Now that she’s a teen, I have her calligraphy quotes to display around the home.

Even at age 17 my daughter is still creating sweet, love notes for her ol’ mom. 🙂

A note Michala left for me on Christmas Eve 2018.

Do your children create artwork for you?

All photos are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.


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