Find Good Deals and the Hottest Trends at Macy’s Backstage!

Hi, Friends! Do you love to bargain shop? I mean, who doesn’t love a good sale, right? Me personally, I love bargain shopping, especially since I shop for a big family. So when Macy’s invited Good Life Detroit to check out their new Macy’s Backstage outlet store in Dearborn, Michigan, I had to say yes! I even brought my teen daughter Michala along because she LOVES shopping. She gets it from her mama. 😉

If you’re a big Macy’s lover, then you’re definitely going to love the exciting news I have for you today: Macy’s has announced they will open three new Macy’s Backstage outlet stores in Metro Detroit!

The first Macy’s Backstage store to open will be in Dearborn, Michigan in the Macy’s Fairlane Town Center on Michigan Avenue. The grand opening is on Saturday, June 17, 2017. That’s just in time to snag some cool gifts for Dad for Father’s Day! (Don’t forget Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, 2017!)

“Bargain hunters are in store for an exciting shopping experience where the thrill of the hunt leads to fashionable discoveries and to pocketbook delight,” Macy’s announced in a news release. On grand opening day, Macy’s customers can expect special events throughout the day and the first 100 customers will receive a $20 gift card to Macy’s! 


Macy's Backstage
Macy’s Backstage in Dearborn, Michigan will be the first Macy’s outlet store to open in Metro Detroit. The grand opening is on Saturday, June 17, 2017.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Macy’s Backstage outlet stores feature the hottest fashion trends and products at discount prices!

What is Macy’s Backstage?

Macy’s Backstage is a cross between a department store and an outlet store, featuring top brands at amazing discount prices. As Michala and I shopped around the Dearborn Backstage store, we were amazed at the value prices we found on many items. For instance, the toys featured in the toy section of the store were marked at great, low prices.

I was able to purchase my 2-year-old son a Little People Big Animal Zoo playset for $25! Competitors’ prices of the Little People Big Animal Zoo playset is anywhere from $29 to $47. Spending $25 on the Little People toy set was a great deal for me!


I was able to purchase my 2-year-old son a Little People Big Animal Zoo playset for $25!


“Macy’s Backstage is a new experience for our customer who enjoys the thrill of the hunt, providing fashion and brands at a great value,” said Tim Baxter, Macy’s Chief Merchandising Officer. “The Backstage concept caters to the fashion-savvy, cost-conscious shopper that expects her local store to keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle. The layout is designed for maximum efficiency, while the merchandise offering changes constantly to reflect newest trends.”

Visit Macy’s Backstage’s Official Website here!


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What to Expect at Macy’s Backstage

Fresh Merchandise from New Brands and Celebrity Brands

Macy’s Backstage outlet stores feature a wide selection of merchandise from the previous season. According to Macy’s, customers can expect to find fresh merchandise from new brands and internationally recognized labels including celebrity brands!

Each week Macy’s will feature new merchandise. Shoppers who love bargain shopping will enjoy seeking trendy finds at discounted prices at Macy’s Backstage. So if you see a good deal at your local Macy’s Backstage, you better get it while you can because it may not be there next week!


Jessica Simpson luggage was featured at the Macy’s Backstage outlet store.


Macy's Backstage
I found Sofia perfume by actress Sofia Vergara at an affordable price at the Macy’s Backstage in Dearborn, Michigan!


Select Apparel and Accessory Brands Only at Macy’s Backstage

Macy’s Backstage will feature apparel and accessory brands which are not carried at their full-line department stores. This will give shoppers even more reason to check out Macy’s Backstage’s weekly or daily deliveries. The Macy’s Backstage team will keep an eye out for great finds and spot trends to curate each store to the fashion styles of the community it serves.

Missed out on last year’s trendy fashion styles? With the new Macy’s Backstage, you will have a second chance to buy apparel and other trends you didn’t get a chance to purchase. Not only that, new merchandise will also be featured at Macy’s Backstage for 20 to 80% off comparable department store prices!



Macy's Backstage

“Center Stage” – Dedicated Space Featuring the Latest Trends

I really love the “Center Stage” section of Macy’s Backstage. Center Stage is a dedicated space in the store which features the latest trends, themes, and styles to inspire shoppers. Trend boards are also set-up to spotlight seasonal and “of-the-moment” looks from the store. The trend boards is a useful shopping tool for customers because they will have a glimpse of what is trending in fashion that day.

I like the Center Stage feature of Macy’s Backstage because sometimes I need a little inspiration for what to buy. Sometimes I need to find a special gift for someone or I am looking for an outfit for my husband or myself to wear out for our date night. Center Stage helps customers like myself who are not sure what to purchase but have a specific need to buy a particular product(s).


Macy's Backstage
Center Stage is a dedicated space in the store which features the latest trends, themes, and styles to inspire shoppers.


Other Cool Macy’s Backstage Features

  • Free Wi-Fi!
  • Convenient mobile check-out stations.
  • Three-way mirror installations in fitting rooms.
  • Designer handbags offered at a discounted price.
  • Gadgets and technology products
  • “Juice Bars” – electronic device mobile stations.


Macy's Backstage Juice Bar
Michala uses the “Juice Bar” to charge her cellphone while waiting for me to finish shopping.


Macy's Backstage Juice Bar
We loved that Macy’s Backstage featured a charging station in the store!

Macy’s Backstage Departments

  • Children’s Apparel (including infants)
  • Men’s Apparel
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Junior’s Apparel
  • Swimsuit Section
  • Shoes for men, women, and children
  • Accessories
  • Handbags
  • Toys (only featured at Macy’s Backstage outlet stores)
  • Home Decor
  • Housewares and Home Textiles
  • Bath and Beauty (including brand name fragrances, brand name makeup lines, hair care products, and nail care products)

*Click on one of the images below to view as a slideshow!

My Thoughts on Macy’s Backstage Outlet Store

I have always loved Macy’s. I love the name brands Macy’s features and their quality products. The new Macy’s Backstage, though, is a big game changer for me. As I mentioned before, I have a big family so bargain shopping is something I love to do so I can save money. The discount prices featured at Macy’s Backstage will allow me to find quality and trendy products without breaking the bank!

Check out the items we purchased for $100!

I was able to find quite a few items for my family for a total of $100. 

  • My 17-year-old son: men’s cargo shorts $16.99
  • My four-year-old daughter: Batgirl nightgown $9.99
  • My two-year-old son: It was his birthday so I bought him two new outfits for $7.99 and $9.99.
  • Little People Animal Zoo Playset ($24.99)  for my son’s second birthday.
  • Our baby (due in August): a three-pack set of onesies $5.99
  • Two Thermos lunch packs for $5.99 each (one for my husband to use for work and one for my kids to use as a snack bag when we’re on the go).
  • Decorative journal for Michala $6.99

Michala had picked out a couple of items for herself. She picked out a marble-covered journal (she loves creative writing) and headphones (she also really loves music) she paid for separately.

*Click on one of the images below to view our Macy’s Backstage haul as a slideshow!

As you can see, the discount prices are so good that you can find a nice haul for $100. The prices of the products featured in Macy’s Backstage are impressive. Even the shoes at Macy’s Backstage are stylish and marked at great low prices! There’s a little bit of something for everyone at Macy’s Backstage and I would definitely shop at the Macy’s outlet store again! 







Special thanks to Macy’s Backstage for inviting Good Life Detroit to tour the new Dearborn, Michigan location! 


Today’s post is sponsored by Macy’s Backstage. Thank you for the supporting the brands that support Good Life Detroit!



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  1. What an amazing thing! more opportunities for shopping and great prices! I have never been to the US (and now I will not be able to travel whilst TRump’s regulations are still on) But my husband who is Italian, he could travel many times for business and he loved shopping at Macy’s. He brought me many presents from this store, especially brands we don’t have in our country 🙂

  2. I never knew that Macy’s had an outlet store. It is such a great place to shop! I can’t wait to try it out, thanks for the great tip!

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