Photographs from Marine Week Opening Ceremony

Hi, friends! Marine Week is in full effect this week! I attended the opening ceremony on Wednesday, September 6th with my teen daughter Michala. It was truly inspiring to see so many people out watching the opening ceremony festivities and cheering on the Marines.

As I walked through the crowd to take pictures of the event, I noticed many Detroiters stopping a serviceman or a servicewoman to thank him/her for their service.

Some applauded Marines, like the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, as they walked through the crowd. “Thank you for your service!” bystanders happily yelled out to Marines.

Just as Detroiters are proud of their city, they also showed the Marines how proud they are of their great service to our country!

Many people were excited to get a picture with the Marine Colorguard at the Marine Week Opening Ceremony. | Campus Martius, Detroit 9/6/17
The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon performed at the Marine Week Opening Ceremony (9/6/17).

If you haven’t had a chance to catch a Marine Week event, you still have time! There are many events scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Read my previous post with the listing of events for the week or visit for additional details about Marine Week.

Check out my photographs from Marine Week Opening Ceremony! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #marineweek when you share your photos of Marine Week on your social media accounts! I’ve been looking at Instagram pictures people are sharing of their Marine Week adventures and everyone looks like they are having a blast!

marine week opening ceremony
Marines stand at parade rest in front of Campus Martius during the Opening Ceremony in Downtown Detroit (9/6/17).
The Marine Band San Diego performed at the Opening Ceremony.
Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon
The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon’s performance at the opening ceremony was an amazing sight to see!
Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon
The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon

marine week opening ceremony

Marine Corps League
Members of the Marine Corps League attended Marine Week Opening Ceremony.

marine week opening ceremony

marine week opening ceremony
Many Marine Veterans also attended the Marine Week Opening Ceremony (9/6/17).

Detroit Mural
Photo of me in front of a new Detroit mural honoring African American U.S. Marine Veterans.

All photographs are courtesy of Good Life Detroit.

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  1. We are here this week for Marine week. I wish we could’ve connected. The week was busy. Our son is a Sargent Major in the Marines and he’s part of the leadership team that brought Marine Week to the D.

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