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When You Meet Your Blogger Friend IRL: Catching Up with Marisa from MexiMoments

Hey, friends!

Social media has become this great platform for getting the latest news in a matter of seconds. From¬†breaking news to the latest celebrity gossip, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter keep us plugged in so we don’t miss out.

One thing I really love about using social media is connecting with people from Detroit and all over the world. I have made quite a few online friends that I have been following for years! It’s always so nice to send out a good morning tweet and receive a “Hi, Jennifer! How are you?” response from one of my online buddies.

I especially love connecting with other moms. When I’m having a challenging #momlife moment, I can always get a dose of inspiration from other moms who feel my struggle.

I met up with Marisa (MexiMoments Blogger) at the Motown Museum in Detroit. Marisa is originally from Southwest Detroit!


About a week ago, I got to meet one of my blogger friends in Detroit! Marisa from the lifestyle blog MexiMoments, was in the city visiting family and reached out to me to see if I’d like to meet up with her. How sweet! Of course, I said YES! She also interviewed me for her YouTube vlog. We met up at the Motown Museum in Detroit and it was SO much fun!

Marisa is a Detroit native from Southwest Detroit. She moved to Texas three years ago, around the same time my family and I moved from Tennessee to Metro Detroit. 

In the interview, Marisa and I talk about our favorite Detroit places to visit with our family. We also talk about our love for the diverse culture in Detroit. You can watch the interview here or click on the video below!

Interview with Marisa from MexiMoments


Being a Detroit native, Marisa has a BIG heart for the D! She loves her city and I was so happy to finally meet Marisa in person. She is the sweetest and I think you will really enjoy following her journey!

Marisa writes about many fun topics such as beauty, style, recipes, and inspiration for the everyday woman. Check out MexiMoments¬†here to read Marisa’s latest blog posts.

She’s also the co-host of the women’s lifestyle podcast called Girl Talk y Mas. You can access the podcast here. Make sure you guys follow her on Instagram and Twitter, too!

Motown Museum Detroit
Motown Museum sign in Detroit

Thank you, Marisa, for taking the time to meet up with me! xoxo

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  1. I had such a great time meeting you Thank you so much for being so sweet & all of your support. Im sure we will see each other again soon!

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