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The Michigan Science Center’s Our Galaxy Far, Far Away Planetarium is a Must-See for the Kids

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Have you been to the Michigan Science Center’s new planetarium show? Travis and I checked out the new show and we really loved it. The name of the show is Our Place in a Galaxy Far, Far Away and it runs about 45-minutes. It’s a live show with a presenter who will guide your children through the galaxy.

We found the new show to be a very enriching experience. I think it would make for a great homeschool field trip, too, especially if you are studying Astronomy or Earth Science.

Travis and I at the MiSci new planetarium show Our Galaxy Far, Far Away.

What You Can Expect with Our Galaxy Far, Far Away

  • 45-minute run time / live show with a presenter to teach the children about the Universe and other cool astronomy facts
  • a tour of our place in the Universe
  • opportunities for kids to interact with the presenter and answer math and science questions
  • compare our solar system and galaxy to others that are far, far away
  • learn the real meaning of a parsec

There’s even a fun “ride” through the Universe which will kind of feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. Kids will really get a kick out of the simulated “ride” with the flashing lights and the sensation of speed.

After your exciting travel through the Universe, you have to get back home to Earth. You go through a “wormhole” to achieve warp speed. Think Hans Solo flying the Millennium Falcom through HyperSpace.

Here’s a fun little video I found to help explain warp speed using movie references. 

For more information about MiSci’s new planetarium show, visit their official website here.


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