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Date Night: Vintage Video Games at MiSci’s After Dark Series

Hey, friends! Last Thursday night, Travis and I had a date night at the Michigan Science Center (MiSci) in Downtown Detroit. Every third Thursday of the month, MiSci hosts an event for the “big kids”. It’s part of their After Dark series and each month there’s a new theme. June’s After Dark theme was about the Summer Solstice and July’s theme was Vintage Video Games.

Travis is a big gamer (just like our older son Elijah) and when I was a kid, I used to love playing NES and Super Nintendo so we were excited to check out the Vintage Video Games event!

It was really cool! On the first floor of the science center, there were actual arcade games set up. On the second floor, there were TVs set up with classic games such as Duck Hunt, Mario Kart on Wii, Super Mario World (my favorite), and other fun classic games.

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Travis and I ready for our fun date night at the Vintage Video Games event! He wore and Atari shirt and I wore a vintage dress for the ocassion!
Michigan Science Center After Dark
MiSci hosts a monthly After Dark series every third Thursday of the month.
I gave the arcade game Q-Bert a try. It wasn’t all that easy, at first! LOL!
Arcade games were available (for FREE) at MiSci’s After Dark Vintage Video Games event.

GameStop, Inc.


GameZilla Media’s Classic Video Game Tournament

Michigan-based GameZilla Media also attended Vintage Video Games and hosted two video game tournaments. People were lined up to participate in the tournament in hopes of winning a prize. GameZilla also held a live podcast during the event. Since Elijah is a video game fanatic, I brought home one of their business cards so he could start following their podcasts. Elijah was pretty excited about it when I told him!

According to GameZilla’s website, each week GameZilla Media features five podcasts, multiple live streams, and a variety of prerecorded video content. Here are the five podcasts:

GameZilla Podcast — an updated on gaming news and entertainment

GameZilla Alpha — features exclusive gaming industry interviews every Sunday

The Legend of Retro — features content about retro games

Noobs and Dragons — podcast about “a world of imagination” featuring gaming info about Dungeons & Dragons

Last Action Podcast — features info on action movies and their favorite films

GameZilla Media
Mike Tyson Video Game Challenge
GameZilla Media
Do you have what it takes to beat Mike Tyson?
GameZilla Media Podcast
GameZilla Media Podcast at MiSci



You gotta have the Ghostbusters at a vintage video game event! We loved their costumes! I always see the Detroit Ghostbusters crew at Detroit events. Good stuff!

Detroit Ghostbusters
Travis and I loved the Detroit Ghostbusters’ costumes and props!
Vintage Video Games
Travis being tough.


Cool Features About #MiSciAfterDark Events

One of the cool things about MiSci’s After Dark series is you can also explore the main exhibits of the science center. I like this part about After Dark because when I bring my kids to the science center, I don’t really get enough time to view the exhibits. The kids are so excited to play that they run around everywhere and I have to keep up with them AND a baby! If you love the science and just want to be a kid again (nothing wrong with that because MiSci is pretty cool), then I think you’ll find attending an After Dark event to be a lot of fun.

Explore the main floor exhibits (kid-free!)

Drinks are available.

Concessions if you want a little snack.

Just $15 per person!

Michigan Science Center Vintage Video Games
One of the Detroit Ghostbusters let me try on the gear. How do I look?


Next Month’s After Dark Theme: Marvel vs DC

The After Dark theme for August is Marvel vs DC! Tickets for the event are $15 per person. You also get one free drink (non-alcoholic or alcoholic) with the purchase of your ticket. Something else I thought was cool is with each After Dark event, there is a special drink that is named to go along with the theme of the event.

Okay, I already know what you’re thinking about the Marvel vs DC theme: Superheroes?! Can I dress up? The answer is YES! I called MiSci to ask if guests can wear costumes for Marvel vs DC night and a rep told me yes. She said, and I quote, “We love costumes!” So if you plan on attending MiSci’s Marvel vs DC night, make sure you wear your favorite superhero or villain costume. No shame if you have a favorite villain you want to dress up as for the event! 🙂


Here are a few adult DC and Marvel superhero costumes if you need one for the event:

#MiSciAfterDark Vintage Video Games
Travis was in video game heaven, I think.
Super Mario World is one of my favorite classic video games!

The Michigan Science Center’s After Dark Series is every third Thursday of each month. To get more information about After Dark, you can visit the official MiSci website here or give them a call at (313) 577-8400.




Special thanks to the Michigan Science Center for inviting Good Life Detroit to Vintage and Video Games!


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A few vintage video games if you’re looking!

NES Bundle, $109.99 | Nintendo 64, $79.99 | Nintendo NES Classic Edition and Super NES Classic Edition Bundle, $139.99



All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra.


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