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November Thankfulness Challenge: Practicing Specific Gratitude

Happy November! It’s the month of thankfulness, family feasts, festive celebrations, and my birthday month. 😉 I’m here for it! How about you? I’m sure you’ve heard of a November Thankful Challenge. Usually, family and friends will post on their social media a daily thankfulness post leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Do you like thankfulness challenges?

November Thankfulness Challenge


What I love about a November Thankfulness Challenge is it encourages us to really focus on what we are grateful for in our lives. Getting specific with our blessings is key. A November Thankfulness Challenge can open our eyes to see all of the good that God is doing in our lives.

Life gets busy and hectic. Other great stressors weigh on our shoulders. All of this can become overwhelming, and unfortunately, we may lose sight of the blessings WE DO HAVE in our lives.

November Thankfulness Challenge
A November Thankfulness Challenge can open our eyes to see all of the good that God is doing in our lives.


Off the top of your head, can you list four things you are thankful for right now? The first four things that come to mind for me are my husband, our five children, great friends, and my health.

But those are givens, right?

Of course, we are thankful for a loving family, wonderful friends, and good health. But what if we really dig deep and think about how God has truly blessed us the past month or this past year?

I mean, get really specific. What specific blessing can you think of that has happened for you?

November Thankfulness Challenge
What specific blessing can you think of that has happened for you?

Maybe you received an answer to something you were fervently praying for, such as…

  • …a pay raise that will enable you to start saving up for a new home;
  •  …receiving money to take care of a bill that you weren’t able to afford;
  • …a sick parent whose health is now improving;
  • …healing for chronic pain.

As we head into November, I’m setting a personal goal for myself to dig deep and get specific with my gratitude. I am focusing on acknowledging what it is exactly I am thankful for and then I’m praising God for it! 

November Thankfulness Challenge
I am focusing on acknowledging what it is exactly I am thankful for and then I’m praising God for it! 

Personally, I have experienced some hardships, i.e. vehicle problems and my husband’s job loss. This challenging time has really opened my eyes to the meaning of humility and thankfulness. I have been praying for guidance to literally count my blessings, speak them out loud, and THANK God for everything. 

So don’t be afraid to share your daily gratitude with family and friends, whether it be in person or via social media. A November Thankfulness Challenge is a great way to give God praise and encourage others to count their blessings, too. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of practicing specific gratitude! — Jennifer xoxo


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Forbes Under 30 Summit
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It was my first time attending a Forbes summit. It was a very enriching experience.
Travis LOVES conferences so this summit was right up his alley.
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We attending the Ofrendas: Celebrating el Dia de Los Muertos at the DIA and it was a wonderful exhibit! The exhibit ends on November 10.
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2 thoughts on “November Thankfulness Challenge: Practicing Specific Gratitude

  1. I do like gratitude challenges. I have developed a habit of keeping a daily gratitude journal. I’ve done this for over a year now & writing down specific things I’m grateful for has made me stop and appreciate how blessed I am. It helps me to see the positive in my day to day. I Look forward to writing in it each night.

    1. I love keeping a journal, too! That’s great that you’ve been writing a daily gratitude journal for a year! It really does help you focus on the blessings in life. Thank you, Tess! Hope you’re doing well! xoxo

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