Ever Wonder What Olives and Watermelon Taste Like Mixed Together?

Are you an olive person? 

Olives are very popular here in Detroit. I’ve noticed many local markets and restaurants feature a variety of olives for customers. I honestly didn’t start eating olives until I moved to Michigan. I love olives with an Italian salad, and I’ve also come to love black olives on pizza. Delicious!

Did you know 83% of olives consumed in the U.S. come from Europe? In fact, Spain is the world leader in production and exports of table olives. Today, on the blog, Olives from Spain is sharing two olive-based recipes: Olives in Ceviche and Olive, Watermelon, Cheese, Basil Skewers. Both recipes are very easy to make, requiring less than four steps!

From Have an Olive Day with Olives from Spain:

Do you think that Christmas time is the most dangerous period for our shape? All those delicious dishes and sweets… Now, it is time to go back to healthy habits. A good help can be in a little thing. Olives are a delicious bite, with only 37 calories per 7 pieces.

Have an Olive Day with Olives from Spain is a kitchen and cooking organization hailing all the way from Spain. You can find a variety of olive-based recipes, cooking tips, and “Tasty Messages by José Andrés“.


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Olives in Ceviche

Ingredients (2 units)

• 2,82 Oz. Diced seabass

• 1,06 Oz. Red onion

• 2,82 Oz. Red pepper

• Carrasqueña olives

• 1 lime




Step 1: Macerate the olives (whole and halved) and the sea bass pieces in lime juice and coriander for one hour.

Step 2: Add the pepper and the red onion well chopped.

Step 3: Serve and ready!


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Olive, Watermelon, Cheese and Basil Skewers

Ingredients (2 skewers per person)

Difficulty: low

Prep Time: 20 minutes


• 24 units of Queen olives

• 17.5 oz. watermelon

• 5 oz. fresh cheese

• 3 sprigs of basil

• Olive oil

8 skewers

• Sea salt



Step 1: Chop the watermelon and the cheese in squares of 1 x 1 inches approx. Set aside.

Step 2: Remove the basil from the sprig.

Step 3: Make the skewers by intercalating olives, watermelon, cheese and bent basil leaves.

Step 4: Finish with a dash of olive oil and sea salt.



Special thanks to Have an Olive Day with Olives from Spain for sharing their olive recipes with Good Life Detroit readers! 

*All images are used with permission by Have an Olive Day with Olives from Spain.



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