Hip-Hop Artist P8tience Captures Joy and Racial Heartache on Latest Album ‘KuhlerBlahynd’

In just 21 minutes, Detroit-born hip-hop artist P8tience captures joy and racial heartache on his latest album KuhlerBlahynd — pronounced color blind. 

“They still beating us like Rodney King. They can’t beat us. They want to shoot us. They can’t shoot us. They take us behind bars and say we died of our own hands. But I ain’t suicidal word to Sandra Bland,” he raps on “J.A.N.”

It’s a bass-filled ode to the Black experience in America. 

Detroit Hip-Hop Artist P8tience Drops New Album KuhlerBlahynd. (Image of P8tience wearing a red Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey.)

Then, on his lead track “Moment of Silence,” P8tience glides through a smooth piano production. He pays tribute to the likes of police brutality victims George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. They were all killed in different cities by the same mindset that disregards Black life. 

KuhlerBlahynd was written nearly four years ago, but the lyrics haven’t aged. P8tience finally released the record because of the country’s boiling racial tensions. He’s a father of two Black children who can easily become victims of those tensions but still wrote the album from all perspectives.

Album cover of Detroit hip-hop artist P8tience.

Initially, the title of the album was Black Gold. However, P8tience felt it was important his album title encompassed the honesty of how racial issues effect everyone, not just Black people.

“I loved the name, but it was important that if I was going to tell the truth. It couldn’t just be about how Blacks felt,” P8tience explains. “It had to include everyone, and address everyone’s issues. . . at least try to. The hardest part about writing this album was removing myself from my own opinions, experiences, and just saying what needed to be said. This is how we came up with the album title KuhlerBlahynd.”

“You’ll have to feel your way through this album. This isn’t about cops versus Blacks or Blacks versus whites,” he continues. “This album is about human beings accepting another human being’s point of view regardless of stance. You won’t agree with everything here, but you will feel it.” 


Detroit Hip-Hop Artist P8tience Drops New Album KuhlerBlahynd. (Black and white image of hip-hop artist P8tience.)

“I wrote this album 4 years ago, and it took me nearly one week to complete it. It was the fastest I’ve ever recorded a body of work in my career, and it was obvious why. I went through so many emotions composing this, and I admit at times I walked away from it without ever thinking it would see the light of day. But I give all glory and praise to God for guidance, wisdom, and understanding over the contents of this album. I believe I was chosen to pen this album and I’m very grateful for it. It truly has been life-changing.”

P8tience, Detroit Hip-Hop Artist

KuhlerBlahynd was executive produced by Darius Mitchell of Black Collar Music Group. For more information, please contact Darius Mitchell at 

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SOURCE: Black Collar Music Group. All photographs are courtesy of Black Collar Music Group and P8tience.



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