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Metro Detroit Artisan Featured on TV Series Handcrafted America

Hey, Detroit friends! Have you seen the television series Handcrafted America? The show is in its third season and is featured on the INSP network. This season on Handcrafted America, hosted by actress Jill Wagner, three Michigan-based artisans will be featured on the show! I’m excited to announce this week I will get to meet one of thoe artisans Paul Bonenberger, and I will share an exclusive interview on the blog! Check out today’s blog post with details on Friday’s episode featuring Paul!


When I go out to festivals and markets, like All Things Detroit and the Tuesday Market at Eastern Market, one thing I always notice is that there are many vendors selling handmade art and other goods. Michigan-based artisans take great pride in their handmade crafts! I am always amazed at the beautiful art and creativity I find here.

What’s the famous hashtag I always see on Instagram? Oh yeah – #MichiganMade and #MadeInMichigan!

Paul Bonenberger of Royal Oak, Michigan is one such artisan who creates #MichiganMade crafts. He also owns his own business: M1 Craft Co.

Paul creates etched crafted lighting. What is that exactly? Well, you’ll just have to watch Handcrafted America this Friday and find out!

Paul Bonenberger Handcrafted America
Metro Detroit-based artisan Paul Bonenberger will be on Handcrafted America on Friday, September 22 at 8:30 P.M. ET on INSP. | Photo courtesy INSP

Paul’s amazing crafted lighting will be featured on an episode of #HandcraftedAmerica on Friday, September 22nd at 8:30 P.M. ET on INSP!


Handcrafted America, hosted by actress Jill Wagner (Christmas in the Smokies, Teen Wolf, Wipeout), airs on INSP. It’s a terrific show which features “America’s finest artisans, dedicated to creating products, stunning pieces of functional art, the traditional way– by hand” (Handcrafted America).


I’m excited because this week I get to meet Paul at his workshop and learn more about his etched crafted lighting! Next week, I will feature a blog post of my interview with Paul so be on the lookout for that! And make sure you check out Paul in this Friday’s episode of Handcrafted America!


Check out the clip below of Handcrafted America featuring Paul Bonenberger!

Friday, September 22nd at 8:30 P.M WT on INSP


For more information about INSP’s Handcrafted America, visit their official website:






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