See Why The Pose Experience Selfie Museum is an Instagram-Worthy Hot Spot

Have you been to The Pose Experience yet? If you love creating Instagram-worthy images for your social media, then this is a photo experience for you! As a creative who is always looking for artistic ways to create new content, I really enjoyed visiting the new event space.

Located in Southfield, Michigan, The Pose Experience is quickly becoming a hot attraction in the metro area. Just the other day Pose made national headlines in U.S. News and World Report!  


Founded by Dr. Danielle Penson, Kierra Pack-Henderson, and Danielle Hughes, The Pose Experience is Detroit’s first interactive 3D selfie museum. The three Detroit entrepreneurs created the event space for guests to have a fun activity to do during the pandemic, especially in the colder months. 

The room is divided into different sections featuring ten photo installations. Each installation has a theme such as “Designer Closet” and a life-size Vogue magazine cover box. It’s a great way to level up your social media content or create fun photos with your family and friends.

Rest assured the business follows strict COVID-19 safety precautions so you can feel comfortable during your visit. Social distancing is required and only 10 people are allowed in the building at a time. Also, you must wear a mask when you’re not taking pictures.

Tickets are $28 each for the 45-minute photo experience and you can have a professional photographer included in your group. If you would like to schedule a private photo session, then the fee is $250 for one hour (photographer not included).


Co-founder Kierra Pack-Henderson is also an event designer and planner. Last December, she threw Danielle Hughes a birthday dinner. Danielle loved it so much that she said she wished the city had an event space similar to the style of her birthday party. 

“Why isn’t there anywhere in the city where we can get dressed up and do this?” Danielle asked her friends. Kierra then shared she had always wanted to open a selfie museum. In just under two months, the three women opened their new business!

“That conversation was on December 21, 2020” Danielle Hughes explained to me at Pose’s media tour. “We opened on February 12th, 2021, so it was a very tight turnaround. I think that just goes to show if you have a dream and you have a strong team, you can literally get anything done.” 

“If you have a dream and you have a strong team, you can literally get anything done.”

Danielle Hughes, Co-founder of The Pose Experience


The installation designs will be switched out seasonally so guests will always have a fresh experience. However, if there is a popular design that the majority of guests enjoy, then the installation may stay a little longer. 

Here are a few photo stations I think you will love.

  • VOGUE Magazine Photo Box— It’s a fun way to capture a life-size magazine cover. The 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit, which was held in Detroit, also had a similar magazine box so it’s a very popular photo installation.
  • Vintage Payphones— Dating myself here, but as a 90s kid, I was geeking out about the payphones. Haha!
  • Boss Lady Office— This installation would make a great headshot backdrop for influencers, professionals, or senior pictures.
  • Bali Floral and Grass Wall— Danielle Hughes says this is her favorite photo installation! I love the addition of the pink couch.
  • 3D Donut Wall— Because everybody loves donuts!
  • Venetian Rose Bath— I could see maternity photos, engagement announcements, or music artists’ pictures being taken here.
I love all of the Pose Experience’s photo ideas, but my favorite photo installation has got to be the Venetian rose bath.
Not only does the pink floral design serve as a great background for a selfie, but you can also hop in the tub to take creative photos. 
Oh! And don’t forget to take a selfie in front of the extra-wide, full-length mirror. This would be a perfect shot for showing off your cute outfit or a group shot with friends.


For all of my fellow creatives, The Pose Experience is a great space to create fresh content for your blog and social media channels! (I even took a selfie in front of the Venetian rose wall for my social media profile pic.

You could either go with a friend to help you take your photos or schedule a private photo session so you can have the space to yourself. The fee is $250 for an hour and you’ll need to bring your own photographer. 

Entrepreneurs and Creatives Brittany Waters and Charli G. pose for a picture at the Bali-themed photo installation.

“Social media has become something, especially within the last decade, that we could have never imagined,” said Danielle Hughes. “I know growing up, I didn’t start being active on the internet until I was in the 10th grade. I didn’t even get into content creation until the last couple of years.

I’ve seen the power of social media– how you can monetize your social media. I believe that content creation plays a huge role in that. I’ve watched people become millionaires and thousandaires and change their life just via social media.

So if we can help those up-and-coming content creators, YouTubers, and social media influencers to get to the next level, get their brands out there, and use this as a content creation studio, then I feel like we’ve done our job.”

The Pose Experience is located at West 10 Mile Road in Southfield and tickets are $28 each. The new event space is now accepting reservations for guest visits, private events, and photography sessions. 

Click here to book your visit to The Pose Experience. Follow Pose’s official Instagram for the latest updates.

Special thanks to Danielle Hughes for taking the time to interview and to The Pose Experience and The Bee Agency for inviting GLD to the media tour! All photographs are courtesy of Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.



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