10 Reasons Why You Should Get a BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership

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Have you heard the news? BJ’s Wholesale Club is coming to the metro Detroit area this Fall! The Massachusetts-based warehouse club is opening two new stores– one in Madison Heights and the other in Taylor.

I’m excited for BJ’s Wholesale Club to open because I don’t live too far from Madison Heights. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Madison Heights membership center to learn more about BJ’s. I also took a peek at the new store’s construction site and it’s coming along nicely!

The BJ’s membership manager was very helpful during my visit and answered any questions I had about becoming a member. (You even get a goodie bag after you become a member!) Also, while visiting the Madison Heights location, I saw quite a few new members stop by the membership center.

Some of the BJ’s members said they were just checking to see the new store’s progress. Other new members inquired about their membership cards. BJ’s is going to be a nice addition to the community and people are excited for its grand opening later this Fall!

BJ's Wholesale Club Michigan

Curious to know what the buzz is all about? Here are 10 reasons why you should become a BJ’s member:

1. In-Club and Online Membership.
Your BJ’s membership will give you access to great in-club and online deals on your favorite products. For an annual fee of $55, your BJ’s Inner Circle membership will more than pay for itself. Think about it: the yearly membership fee for BJ’s is less than what you would pay for an online movie-streaming service. You can’t beat a great deal like that!

Also, when you become a BJ’s Member, your membership will include access to BJs.com. Shopping online at BJs.com is a great perk because you can place orders for your groceries and other products from the convenience of your home.

2. Coupons Featured Online.
I love a good bargain, don’t you? BJ’s Wholesale Club offers exclusive and manufacturers’ coupons on its website and mobile app. You can digitally “clip” your coupons and save them to a membership card.

BJ's Wholesale Club Membership Center Michigan

3. Low Gas Prices.
With fluctuating gas prices, it’s always nice to save money on fuel. BJ’s offers its members savings on gas with their new Gas Savings Program. When you purchase a participating product, you can earn 10 cents off per gallon at BJ’s Gas.

4. Free In-Club Pick Up.
BJ’s offers free in-club pickup service. When you’re a busy parent like me, having the option to place your order online is a lifesaver!

Have a busy week ahead with family life and work? Save yourself some time by placing an order for your everything you need online and schedule to pick it up on your way home!

5. Same-Day Grocery Delivery.
If you prefer to have your groceries delivered to your home, BJ’s also offers same-day grocery delivery. Same-day grocery delivery is another great timesaver when you have a busy schedule.

All you do is place your grocery order online at delivery.BJs.com, schedule your delivery, and a team member will deliver your groceries to your front door!

BJ's Wholesale Club Madison Heights

6. Two-Day Delivery.
BJ’s also offers BJ’s Stocked, a two-day delivery service on everyday essentials! This is an awesome perk to having a BJ’s membership because you don’t have to pay an additional fee for two-delivery. It’s included in your membership plan!

7. BJ’s Tire Center.
Here’s another great reason to join BJ’s: the Tire Center! BJ’s Tire Center offers great deals and value for members. Premium service includes top-brand quality from brands like BFGoodrich and Michelin and well-trained tire technicians.

8. Travel Services.
BJ’s also offers travel services as part of your membership benefits. You can rent a car, book a hotel, plan a cruise, and save money on vacation packages through BJ’s Travel!

Taylor BJ's Wholesale Club
Madison Heights BJ's Wholesale Club

9. BJ’s Optical Center.
Need to get new glasses or an annual eye exam? BJ’s features an Optical Center at select locations. You will have access to a large assortment of quality frames and top contact lens brands.

10. Meal Planning and Recipe Ideas.
Over on the BJ’s website, you can find recipe ideas and a meal planning tool. I’m always looking for a new recipe to try because I run out of ideas on what to cook for my family. BJ’s features a great variety of recipe ideas for every occasion!

Check out a few of my favorite BJ’s recipe ideas: Buffalo Chicken Salad in a Jar, Moscato Blueberry Lemonade, and Fried Cauliflower Rice. Plus, the wholesale club also offers a neat online tool where you can meal plan for the week! This tool is helpful for me when planning meals for my family of 7!

There are so many wonderful reasons why you need to become a member of BJ’s Wholesale Club. Michigan shoppers can also take advantage of BJ’s limited-time Founding Member offer!

  • Pay $110 for a one-year BJ’s Perks Rewards membership, and earn back 2 percent on most purchases, and get a $70 gift card and $75 in valuable coupons. ($145 value)
  • Pay $55 for a one-year BJ’s Inner Circle or Business membership, and earn a $35 BJ’s gift card and $75 in valuable coupons. ($110 value)

Your membership gives you a variety of great perks that can benefit the whole family. From saving money on groceries to same-day delivery and meal planning ideas for the busy family, BJ’s Wholesale Club membership will truly enrich your everyday life!


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