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Recap of Murals in the Market 2018


Hope you had a good weekend. I’ve been recovering from being sick the last few days so last week’s blog schedule was a little off. That’s why today I am sharing with you my recap of the 2018 Murals in the Market (MITM). I didn’t want to not post my photographs and thoughts on the event. (Right now, somebody is reading this cringing at my use of a double negative. Sorry!) Better late than never, right? ūüôā¬†

The events we attended for MITM were the opening night party, Family Reunion Block Party, and touring a few of the new murals. As I mentioned in a previous post, this was my first time attending the MITM events.

Aside from having an unfortunate experience of our vehicle being vandalized and broken into, we had a great time at the events we attended.


Yes, it’s really unfortunate about our van. We were at the Family Reunion Block Party in Eastern Market, and when we left the party, we returned to our vehicle and found the passenger side window completely shattered. My camera gear and some of my personal belongings were stolen. It’s just one of those things that you have to be really careful about. (We’re still waiting to get our van window replaced.)


At first, I was really skeptical about going back to Eastern Market. It’s one of our top places to hang out in Detroit. But I decided I can’t let the theft keep me from pursuing the creative work I am passionate about and I can’t let it keep me from continuing to visit one of my favorite Detroit places. We just need to be more aware and careful from now on, as this can happen anywhere you go.




1xRUN’s Murals in the Market Print Exhibition & 2nd Floor Installation Exhibition Opening Reception @ MITM HQ

Murals in the Market HQ – Opening Night Party (Photo by Travis Hamra for Good Life Detroit)
Skate Deck Exhibit at the MITM HQ (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit)
Skateboard Collection at the MITM HQ (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)


Travis and I enjoyed touring the MITM HQ. We got to see some of the muralist’s artwork and listen to great music. We found the artwork to be fascinating and thought-provoking.

Travis said, “It was cool how the different pieces of art were contrasting and cooperative.” His favorite part of the art gallery was the collection of artists’ hand-painted chairs.¬†

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  • A large, wide space for guests to walk around (upstairs/downstairs)
  • A place to chill outside and also see the city lights
  • Detroit-based art
  • Skate Deck Designs
  • Art by national and international artists¬†

The upstairs art exhibit was my favorite part of the exhibit. One piece I loved, in particular, was Detroit-based artist Amy Fisher Price‘s “Party Store” art exhibit. I was so amazed at Amy’s artwork because the installation really looked like a liquor store!¬†

Inside the exhibit, she had featured art pieces which were various fabric signs you would find in a liquor store.

“Check Cashing. Money Orders.”

“This Building is being WATCHED”


“Kaepernick 7”

“Party Store” art installation by Amy Fisher Price (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)
Inside Amy Fisher Price’s “Party Store” (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)

Lou & Grey


Guests admiring the artwork featured at the MITM HQ.
Artwork pieces by artists Camilo Pardo and Michelle Tanguay (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)
“Double Vision” by Aura Aura
“#pursedrone” by Ryan Doyle (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)

Ann Taylor


The block party was a first for Murals in the Market and I hope it won’t be a last. The location had the perfect room for guests to walk around and grab a bite to eat from a food truck, get a beer or beverage, and also shop for some art.¬†

Live music at the block party was the highlight of our evening. Here are a few artists who we got to see perform:

Underground System

Count Mack

Sheefy McFly

We Are Culture Creators

DJ Dez

DJ Dez 
Sheefy McFly
Count Mack

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Seeing DJ Jazzy Jeff at the Family Reunion Block Party brought back a lot of memories from my youth and early 20s (Ha! Can’t believe I just typed that!). He played a variety of classic hip-hop and R&B songs like Wu-Tang, Ludacris, Biggie, and Stevie Wonder.

We danced. We sang. We had a good time vibin’ to the beats of Dj Jazzy Jeff! Heck, I was even able to get Travis to dance a little during Jazz’s set. That’s a big deal because my husband doesn’t normally like to dance!¬†

We Are Culture Creators (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)

We Are Culture Creators


Artist Charles “Chazz” Miller dedicate his mural to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin

You already know the new Aretha Franklin mural is my favorite because I am a BIG Aretha fan! We haven’t seen all of the 2018 murals, but we did find a few. You can check out below my photographs of some of the new murals we found.

If you want to make a half day of it and try to find all of the new murals in Eastern Market, here are a few suggestions:

  • Bring your bike or rent a bike to ride through the Eastern Market District¬†
  • Go on a tour and join other mural enthusiasts such as Feet on the Street Tours.
  • Walk through the area to find the murals.¬†

You can download a map of the murals here if you like. 

Mural by artist Marlo Broughton 
Three new murals side by side in Eastern Market: Panda mural by Los Angeles-based artist¬†Luke Chueh, “Head Up, Homie” mural by Illinois-based artist Immanuel, and “Electric Lola” mural by Brooklyn-based artist Tara McPherson.
Mural by Luke Chueh
Mural by Immanuel
Nathan Bell’s mural can be found in the new skateboarding alley in Eastern Market. (Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)
Chicago-based artist Benjamin Marasco painted this beauty. It can also be found in the new skateboarding alley in Eastern Market.


“17 Shitty Mountains” by Scott Hocking

Michala viewing the “17 Shitty Mountains” by artist Scott Hocking¬†(Photo credit: Jennifer Hamra)

Another art project which was featured in the Murals in the Market was the “17 Shitty Mountains” by Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking. The art installation is a series of concrete sewer pipes which Scott stacked and arranged to form monuments.

We had stumbled upon the “17 Shitty Mountains” as we were looking for the new 2018 murals. I had remembered seeing InstaStory updates about Scott’s latest project on the MITM Instagram feed.¬†

According to Scott Hocking’s interview in the Detroit Free Press, the structures range from 14 feet to 22 feet tall, with the tallest structure weighing 15 tons. The sculptures stretch across an acre of land found behind the former Water Board building at 3500 Riopelle Street.¬†

If you go to see the sculptures, I recommend wearing sturdy shoes because there are a lot of sharp objects and rocks in the area. For my fellow photography lovers, the “17 Shitty Mountains” sculptures make for a fantastic photo shoot.

Overall, Scott’s artwork is one to be admired and make you ponder many life questions such as why the artist chose the location for his sculptures and how we can turn abandoned places into beautiful spaces.

AND THAT’S OUR RECAP OF THE 2018 MURALS IN THE MARKET!¬†Of course, there were many other MITM events during the 9-day festival.

Here’s what we missed this year that we would have loved to attend:

  • Artists’ Welcome BBQ
  • Kids’ Workshop with Green Living Science
  • Our Issue: Public Art and Combating Sexual Violence in Detroit
  • Slow Jams: Murals in the Market Edition
  • Citywide Poets¬†

What I absolutely love about MITM is how the festival includes members of the community. 

Artists are friendly and don’t mind if you want to take photos or talk to them. MITM features community-based events to raise awareness on important causes such as Our Issue’s campaign against sexual violence in Detroit. And MIM is very welcoming for families and all ages.¬†It truly is a city celebration.

And as always, each year of Murals in the Market, the art that is created is just phenomenal. I’m already excited about next year’s Murals in the Market.¬† I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019!

What is your favorite mural from the 2018 Murals in the Market?

Also, on the blog:

All photographs were taken by Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit unless otherwise stated.

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What are your thoughts?