Stuck at home? Today I’m sharing 25 self-care activities to try so you can ensure you are getting plenty of Me Time. (Psst! Activities 1 through 10 are things I do when I need time to myself.)

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“Zephaniah, please get off of the table!”

I think I have said this to my very energetic 2-year-old a hundred times within the last week. Getting up on the dining room table and jumping up and down on it seems to be his new favorite daredevil activity.

I have NO IDEA why! It’s been maddening trying to get him to break this habit.

And that’s just one of the many wacky things my kids have been doing during this quarantine lockdown.

The other day Zechariah (4) took a green and purple marker and drew a bunch of circles on the kitchen wall.

The kids have been bickering more than usual.

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve heard the kids dump ALL of the toys all over the floor in their play area (and it’s a small play space, too)!

These three are a handful sometimes!

The boys keep opening baby wipes and pulling them out. They like to stuff the wipes into different objects they find in the house.


I have a decorative single-shelf on our living room wall. It’s a Mosslanda picture ledge shelf I bought it from IKEA a few months ago. I keep 6 or 7 of my favorite books on it.

Well, the boys keep pulling down the books from the shelf. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!

OH! I’m pretty sure one of the kids threw a diaper in one of the dirty laundry baskets.

How bout I accidentally washed and DRIED a load of laundry with a diaper and all of its particles got all over the clothes, washer, AND dryer. So I had to pick off all of the particles from each article of clothing before I could rewash the clothes. That was a lot of fun.


25 Self-Care Activities to Do When You're Stuck at Home
Quarantine Life has us feeling major cabin fever!

LISTEN: I promise I spend time with my children and we have plenty of fun activities and toys to keep them entertained. Haha!

But if I’m washing dishes or cooking, they start to get into EVERYTHING. And this chaos seemed to have started just a few weeks ago. I don’t remember it being this crazy like this.

Elijah and Michala are much older so they’re not jumping off of tables or scribbling on the walls, thank goodness. Michala’s been busy with homeschool studies and working, while Elijah’s just been chilling watching movies, talking to friends via House Party, and playing video games. (His job is temporarily closed because of COVID-19).

I’m sure if there wasn’t a pandemic going on right now, my little ones would still be making big messes and getting into everything. That’s just how kids are, right?

However, I do think they’re starting to get restless with being home so much. Under normal circumstances, even though we homeschool, we do go out quite a bit to the library, museums, parks, and events.

Something else I miss is date nights with Travis. It’s always fun to get out of the house and go out somewhere nice, just the two of us.


Honestly, I can handle the big messes and everyday adventures with my children. But what makes “Mom Life” a little challenging at this time is the fact that I cannot do my usual self-care activities I like to do for my “Me Time.”

Are you experiencing this, too?


  • read or write at my favorite coffee place
  • go out for coffee or lunch with a friend
  • head to Detroit for street photography
  • attend city events solo or with Travis
  • go to an art gallery
  • sometimes get my nails done

Of course, right now I am not able to go anywhere so my Me Time options are very limited.


And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about not being able to go out and about. I completely understand why things are this way and I fully support the shelter-in-place order because I know it’s important for everyone’s health and safety.

I’m just saying when you’re stuck at home 24/7, no matter if you’re by yourself or with a group of family members, you start to get a little cabin fever.

But what makes “Mom Life” a little challenging at this time is the fact that I cannot do my usual self-care activities I like to do for my Me Time.

In a Parents‘ article, pre- and postnatal wellness expert Kristy S. Rodriguez said practicing self-care helps moms be a better parent.

Rodriguez believes self-care is essential to our health and well-being. “The more we fill ourselves up, the more we have to give. And as moms, we have to give a lot.”

I definitely agree! When I take time for myself, I feel refreshed and ready to jump back into my regular routine.

Finding time for self-care activities during quarantine, though, can be challenging. That’s when you gotta get a little creative with how you practice self-care.


Here are a few ways I get in my Me Time while stuck at home.

  • I like to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I put on my favorite playlist I have saved on Spotify and walk for 20-25 minutes.
  • I like to watch a movie or TV show by myself.
  • I read a book either in a quiet place in my house or outside on my porch.
  • This one is a MUST for me: I wake up two hours before my children to get in Me Time.
  • In the mornings, I like to listen to a motivating podcast or two. It helps me start my day on a positive note.
  • Alone time with Travis is also important to me. I consider this part of Me Time because it’s spending quality time with my husband. (Of course, if you’re wanting alone time with your partner, you’ll probably have to wait until the kids go to bed.)
  • Creative work is another one of the self-care activities that I enjoy. My favorite creative outlet is blogging and journaling.
  • Meditation and prayer is another important activity for me.
  • Lately, I’ve been getting into crafting and DIY home decor.

Finding time for self-care activities during quarantine, though, can be challenging. That’s when you gotta get a little creative with how you practice self-care.

25 Self-Care Activities to Do When You're Stuck at Home
Getting my nails done from time to time was one way I practiced self-care.
25 Self-Care Activities to Do When You're Stuck at Home
I’m definitely looking forward to picking up my out-of-the-house self-care activities once this pandemic is over.


If you are looking for ways to get in some Me Time while stuck at home, here is a list of self-care activities I compiled for you.

1. Go for a walk or job in your neighborhood.

2. Read you’re favorite book in a quiet place in your home or while sitting outside.

3. Watch your favorite movie or TV show SOLO!

4. Wake up an hour or two before your kids to get in some Me Time.

5. Listen to an entertaining or positive podcast in the morning to start your day. (Sometimes I even listen to a podcast while my kids are playing outside.)

6. Take time for some one-on-one time with your partner.

7. Work on a creative project like blogging, knitting, painting, etc.

8. Reserve time in your day for daily meditation and prayer. (It truly does make a BIG difference!)

9. Journal for at least 30 minutes. Here are 30 journal writing prompts to get you started.

10. Create DIY crafts or start a home decor project.

11. Chill out to music on IG Live with DJ D-Nice, Questlove, or other music battles from your favorite artists and music producers.

12. Have your little ones take a nap or older kids do a quiet activity so you can have Me Time.

13. Start gardening. Once the weather is a little warmer, I plan on gardening again.

14. Create your own spa day at home with a relaxing bubble bath, favorite bubbly, and essential oils.

15. Buy a few adult coloring books and gel pens or color pencils and color. You can find coloring books at the Dollar Tree for cheap!

16. Start creating a scrapbook. I used to love scrapbooking and it really is therapeutic.

17. Start doing home workouts. You can find a lot of free fitness videos on YouTube.

18. Hop on your bike and go for a relaxing bike ride on a nice, sunny day.

19. Give yourself a mani-pedi.

20. Listen to an audiobook. You can find some for free on your local library’s website!

21. Call a family member or friend to catch up and share a laugh.

22. Play a video game.

23. Take a free online course. (Nikon is offering free online photography classes this month!)

24. Host a virtual party for watching your favorite TV show. I know some friends who have been doing this and they really enjoy it!

25. Don’t forget to take a nap. Even if you just rest for 30 minutes it can help!

How are you finding time for self-care at home?

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