FAMILY EVENT: 8th Annual Sidewalk Festival Hosted by Sidewalk Detroit

Sidewalk Detroit’s popular community festival is back! The 8th annual Sidewalk Festival is going to be a little different this year, though. The event has been expanded to four festival dates and will travel to four different Detroit neighborhoods.

  • July 24, 2:00 – 8:00 P.M.: 12041 Dexter Ave, in the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood (in partnership with YouthWorks-Detroit.)
  • July 31, 2:00 – 8:00 P.M.: 6900 McGraw Ave, in the Chadsey-Condon neighborhood (in partnership with Bridging Communities.)
  • August 7, 4:00 – 10:00 P.M.: 18917 Joy Rd, in the Joy-Southfield neighborhood (in partnership with Joy Southfield CDC)
  • August 14, 2:00 – 8:00 P.M.: 259 Manistique St, in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood (in partnership with Manistique Community Tree House Center)

“We are excited to travel to different neighborhoods across our great city to celebrate Detroit landscape and culture through interactive art and boundary pushing performance. Detroit neighborhoods are full of power, history, and beauty.

This year’s festival is going to dive deep with community members as we take our theme of Healing Revival Party into the heart of some very special neighborhoods. 2020 was a year of change, transformation, and major social and spiritual challenges. Our festival theme this year asks artists to focus on the healing we need to do as a community, as a people, and how we can facilitate revival within ourselves and in our public spaces.” 

Ryan Myers-Johnson, Sidewalk Detroit Executive Director,
Healing Revival Party hosted by Sidewalk Detroit


Saturday, July 24th

LOCATION: 12041 Dexter Ave, in the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood

TIME: 2 P.M. to 8 P.M.


DETAILS: In collaboration with YouthWorks Detroit, this event will take place in the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood surrounding the former Dexter Grinds coffee shop. Guests can enjoy dancing in the street, immersive healing installations, and community song and dance.

“For the last few years, Sidewalk Detroit has stood out to us as a remarkable organization that does an incredible job of uplifting the strength, beauty, and creativity that comes from our city. To be able to partner with their team has been a tremendous joy and we are so excited for our youth to have the opportunity to share their voices and celebrate this community.” 

Kyle Cascarelli, Executive Director of YouthWorks Detroit

Saturday, July 31st

LOCATION: 6900 McGraw Ave, in the Chadsey-Condon neighborhood

TIME: 2 P.M. to 8 P.M.


DETAILS: This event will be located in a unique location at the future site of the Braden Street Greenway. Guests will enjoy dancing, music, theater performances, interactive mural-making, and more! Bridging Communities is the community sponsor for the Chadsey-Condon festival event.

“Bridging Communities is honored to partner with Sidewalk Detroit to bring their annual Sidewalk Festival to the Chadsey Condon neighborhood! This year’s festival theme of ‘Healing Revival Party’ is so timely and needed today. We are thrilled to help bring the community together to celebrate the richness and diversity of the neighborhood and to demonstrate the power of art to ignite change.” 

Dan Commer, Neighborhood Stabilization Project Manager of Bridging Communities

Saturday, August 7th

LOCATION: 18917 Joy Rd, in the Joy-Southfield neighborhood

TIME: 4 P.M. to 10 P.M.


DETAILS: Collaborating with the Joy-Southfield CDC, this event will transform a parking lot into a night market. Guests will enjoy art installations, dance workshops, community vendors, singing, and street mural painting.

Saturday, August 14th

LOCATION: 259 Manistique St, in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood

TIME: 2 P.M. to 8 P.M.


DETAILS: In collaboration with Manistique Community Tree House Center, guests will enjoy avant-garde dance, healing bubbles, sound baths, and a variety of soothing music.

8th Annual Sidewalk Festival hosted by Sidewalk Detroit

There will be over 50 participating artists, featuring Detroit artists Phil Simpson, Freddie Diaz, Yvette Rock, Thornetta Davis, Cherise Morris, Sacramento Knoxx, Marsae Mitchell, and many other wonderful artists.  

Remember to save the date for all of the festival dates: July 24th, July 31st, August 7th, and August 14th!

Click here for information about Sidewalk marketplace vendors and here to register to volunteer for the festival.

Sidewalk Detroit Healing Revival Party 2021

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