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"Havana Cigar Ladies II" (2022) by Detroit artist Judy Bowman
“Havana Cigar Ladies II” (2022) by Detroit artist Judy Bowman. On Saturday, I spent a little time at MOCAD to view Mrs. Bowman’s latest art exhibit and read my library book at the MOCAD Cafe. Judy Bowman’s Gratiot Griot art exhibition is open until March 26, 2023, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. I hope you’re able to go see it! And check out this interview feature of Judy Bowman from her Detroit Swag art exhibition in 2018.
Bridgerton: The Duke & I by Julia Quinn
Saturday Vibes: reading Bridgerton: The Duke & I by Julia Quinn and sipping a Chai Latte at the MOCAD Cafe. It was nice to relax at the art museum and take some time to myself. Saturday was perfect!
Nikki Neuzi, owner of Flamingo Vintage located in Southwest Detroit, and Jennifer Hamra, blogger for Good Life Detroit
Photo with Nikki Neuzil, owner of Flamingo Vintage located in Southwest Detroit. On Friday, Jan. 6th, an anniversary party was held at Flamingo Vintage to mark its fourth year in business. It’s one of my favorite Detroit vintage stores, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from previous blog posts and social media posts. I like to find vintage pieces to add to my collection of street style fashion. I also love that Nikki hosts regular parties at her store. Many of them feature live performances from local artists and bands. It’s a unique way to discover local artists and shop at the store. There’s always a great community vibe every time I visit Flamingo Vintage. Congratulations, Nikki!
The vintage jean jacket I bought at Flamingo Vintage!
The vintage jean jacket I bought at Flamingo Vintage! So happy to have found this gem and add it to my vintage jacket collection. Travis said jean jackets are becoming my signature look. Haha! It’s definitely a big change from the styles I used to wear when I was in my 20s and early 30s. I consider my style to be comfy, indie street style. I like to wear Vans sneakers and Timberland boots, (usually) black skinny jeans, a thrifted/vintage top or a graphic tee, and a jean jacket (thrifted or vintage). In the summers, I wear vintage dresses and skirts, too.
Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder
Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder. I read this book to my four young children a few days ago for our daily story time. WE LOVE THIS BOOK! The illustrations are beautiful and depict the beauty of human bodies. The images and story share a powerful message in encouraging children to love their bodies and know that their bodies are beautiful!

The photographs featured in “Snapshots” were taken on different dates. Some may be from the current week, this year, or from a previous year. All photographs in today’s post were taken by Jennifer Hamra for Good Life Detroit.


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