“Snapshots: Five Photos of the Week” is a weekly photography series featured on Good Life Detroit. The algorithm sucks. I probably won’t get a bunch of likes on my blog photos, but hey, that’s okay! I’m just sharing a few snapshots that brought me joy or a specific image or moment that I found intriguing.


Algorithms. Can we all agree that the algorithm sucks? (shrugs shoulders)
Hey, that’s the way it is. Social media is ever-changing, particularly Instagram.

What once was a fun place to share photographs and connect with other photographers has now become what seems to be a video sharing app.

You might even say IG feels very similar to TikTok.

Don’t get me wrong– I love funny videos here and there. Dance videos are entertaining. The day-in-the-life videos and mini vlogs are my favorites to watch.

Okay and yes…I’m obsessed with cat videos!

However, I do miss seeing photographs in my feed, particularly from my photography community. In fact, Instagram helped me discover my love for street photography many years ago!

But just like with all pop culture trends, things change, and you can’t really be mad about it. If it’s not for you, then you just have to move on and find something that is, right?

So, I decided to get back to the basics and simply share my photographs on my own blog! (I mean, I do pay for my site! haha)

I probably won’t get a bunch of likes on my photos of the week and that’s okay!

I’m just sharing a few snapshots that I took that brought me joy or a specific image or moment that I found intriguing.

Hope you enjoy! xoxo


John 3:16. Photo I snapped while waiting in traffic on 8 Mile Road in Detroit.
Don’t doubt yourself. Photo of my shoes next to a sidewalk quote by @poetrybyboots in front of Germack Roasting Co. in Eastern Market.
Enjoy the rest of your miserable life. While waiting for my coffee, I snapped this photo of a poster inside of the Germack Roasting Co. Cafe in Detroit. This one made me laugh.
Tom Selleck tip jar. With stache, of course! Photo I snapped at Germack.
I’ve been waiting for this moment all summer! A monarch butterfly finally visited my wildflower garden!


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Jennifer Hamra

Freelance creative Jennifer Hamra created her blog Good Life Detroit in 2015 after relocating from Tennessee to Southeast Michigan.

Inspired by her love for personal blogging and photography, Jennifer likes to share her favorite Detroit things, from cool places to visit (the hidden gems are her favorite!) to the amazing people she has connected with over the years.

When she's not busy juggling family life and her creative projects, you can find her at an art gallery, community event, farmers market, or spending quiet time at home with a good book and cup of tea.

Jennifer lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband Travis and their six children.

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