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4 Ways to Lift Your Home with Blossoming Spring Colors & Accessories

I know it just snowed, you guys, but I promise Spring is right around the corner. If you’ve been out shopping at your favorite retailers like Pier 1 and Target, then you may have seen their Spring 2019 home decor collection is already out.

For example, Target’s Hearth & Hand is an exclusive collaboration with Magnolia by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The collection features an array of lovely spring home decor. And Nordstrom’s new home decor arrivals from their spring collection, like from The White Company, features a mix of bright and subtle spring colors.

Despite the cold weather and snow still lingering about, now’s the time to start transitioning your winter decor to spring decorations. It’s a great way to lift your spirits if you’re having cabin fever. Plus, once spring is officially here, you won’t have to worry about having a lot of decorating to do!

Here are four ways you can add blossoming spring colors and accessories to your home.


Live Kokedama Hanging Succulents from World Market

Bring the outdoors inside! Whether it is a real snake plant used to add a more safari feel to the home, or an artificial plant.

If your house doesn’t receive much direct sunlight, incorporating a plant within your décor is sure to add a little joy and color into the room. The tropical feel will push a serene and organic ambiance while making the room appear more spacious. 


“The Odyssey” + “Untitled” by Ariela Wertheimer | To view and purchase Ariela’s art, click here to access her website!

Brighten your walls with art! Instead of completely repainting a whole room, some new pieces of colorful artwork with trending spring colors will be sure to do the trick. For instance, the above artwork by Ariela Wertheimer would make a perfect spring decoration for your home!

Artwork by Ariela Wertheimer

Light colored artwork can be placed in any room, even if the room receives a lot of light already, and can generate a reflection that gives a new shade and a cozy look to any room.


Area rug from Pier 1

Brighten a room with a bright, colorful rug. If your house has dark hardwood floors, which most contemporary homes do nowadays, a lot of light from the room is being drawn out. Adding a bright colorful rug as a statement piece helps energize the room and bring a lighter feel in, and makes for a beautiful aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to use patterns! Let your rug help with the decor and vibe of the room. The more abstract, the merrier!


Switch out darker bedspreads with lighter ones. Of course, it is a lot to ask to change all the furniture as the seasons change, but switching bedspreads and comforters is an easy way to meet in the middle. Replacing darker bedspreads with lighter ones is guaranteed to open up the room and get you ready for spring.

Use white, light yellow, or baby blue to lift the room and provide some serenity, even if the bed frame has a darker tone.

How do you add a touch of spring to your home decor?


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