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Sunday Family Fun Day at the Detroit Public Library

Happy Monday, Friends!

How was your weekend? We had a chill weekend with relaxing on Saturday and then a family outing at the Detroit Public Library (DPL) on Sunday. Going to the library is one of our favorite things to do as a family, and we like to visit other libraries in the greater Detroit area.

When I found out about DPL’s Sunday Family Fun Day, I immediately wrote it down on my calendar and told my husband we had to take the kids.

Here’s something that I didn’t know about the Detroit Public Library on Woodward:

In 1981, the main library discontinued their Sunday hours because of budget cuts.

That’s 36 years! Wow! Sunday, October 8th, was the DPL’s first time since ’81 that they were open on a Sunday. The Detroit Public Library has restored their Sunday hours and will be open from 1 to 5 P.M.!


I also read on the library’s website:

“…for the first time ever, two branches will also be open on Sunday; the Redford Branch, 21200 Grand River at McNichols, and the Wilder Branch, 7140 E. Seven Mile Rd at Van Dyke.”

Prior to attending Family Fun Day, I had visited the DPL only one time (January 2016) for a photography meetup. Travis and the kids had never been to the DPL so this was a real treat for them! I’m so glad the library will now be open on Sunday afternoons. 🙂


The Detroit Public Library (main library on Woodward Avenue) is now opened on Sundays!
Zhen and Zechariah working on an art craft.

ProjectArt, Games, and Storytime

ProjectArt featured an art class for children visiting the library. Zhen and Zechariah learned how to make a face mask. Daddy helped them with their creations while I took photos and held the baby.

Oh, yeah! Speaking of the baby, this was Zephaniah’s second outing in public (not counting doctor’s appointments)! 


Sunday Family Fun Day
A member from ProjectArt helps Zhen and Zechariah with their crafts.


Sunday Family Fun Day
Silly Zhen


Our trip to the library was Zephaniah’s second public outing. He is 8 weeks now!


Other activities at the family day were games and storytime. Some families played Uno while other children played video games in the children’s room.

Zhen and Zechariah enjoyed storytime, even though after the first story was read, Zechariah decided to get up, walk off, and play with a Nemo doll. Because he’s two and that’s what two-year-olds do!

“Nemo!” he exclaimed when he saw the big, orange fish. He wanted to take Nemo home with him, but I had to explain to him Nemo needed to stay at the library. He wasn’t too happy about that.


Zechariah was so excited to find a Nemo doll at the library. He wanted to take it home with him.


Denene Millner reads a book to the children at Sunday Family Fun Day.


Zhen and Zechariah loved their time at the library. In fact, they loved it so much that they were mad when it was time to go home. Moms and Dads, you know when your little one is mad about leaving, that is a clear sign that they’re having a blast.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids on a Sunday afternoon, check out the Detroit Public Library’s Family Fun Day on Sundays (1 – 5 P.M.)! 


Here are a few more photos from our visit to Detroit Public Library’s Sunday Family Fun Day!

Making masks at the Detroit Public Library
Zechariah’s finished mask.
Zhen shows off her cool, new mask.
Denene Millner reads her book Early Sunday Morning to the children at Sunday Family Fun Day.
After storytime was over, Zechariah grabbed a book and told Zhen to sit down so he could read to her.
Travis holds Zephaniah at the library.

Hope you have a good start to your week! xoxo


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